Monday, 31 August 2015

A wedding!!!!!

August 31, 2015

Hey guys!! How is it going?

Man,this week was pretty good!! The biggest thing that happened was that Miguel and Silvia got married!! WOOOHOOOO!! After 4 months, finally!!

On Friday morning, we went to the "register" where the judge married them!! It was pretty sweet!! We got there at like 10:00 in the morning! We had to enter a circle shaped building in the middle of the facility, which is where the actual marriage took place. It was super nice inside with nice green chairs and a really big space! There were about 20 people that went and saw them get married!! It was pretty good!! I thought it was a little weird (mostly because I have never been to a wedding ceremony) but they got married there!! When they walked out, we threw rice at them. I have no idea why we threw rice at them, but I did it anyways!! There were 5 members who were able to come and support them but the rest of the guests were just family members. All of them are non members so it was pretty good for us cause we were able to talk to all of them and get to know them a little bit! We are going to visit some of them this week which is sweet!!

We had a reception for Miguel and Silvia that evening. It started at 8:30 pm. We called and asked president if we could stay out until 11:00 pm and he said ok! So that we sweet!! We went super early to go and help set up!! Man, there were a ton of different pepople that were helping which was awesome to see!! We set up lots of white stuff and lights and other stuff! The women were in charge of that - I was just doing what they told me to! Then at 8:30 pm everyone started showing up! We told Miguel and Silvia not to show up until 9:30 ( because people are always late). Anyways, when they got there all the lights were off in the gym and there was a cool song playing and everyone was cheering when they walked in! It was pretty sweet!! I think they liked it!! The rest of the night was spent eating and they danced (we watched). Me and Elder Bluth shared a little part of the the program where we said a couple of words which i think they liked!! It was sweet!! Our recent converts (the family Bozac) made the cake! MAN - it was a super good cake!!! She does that for work and man it was supper good looking. We had to leave before they ate it but I'm sure it tasted good!! Who would hve known that our converts were going to make a weedding cake for other converts!! Crazy!! Also one of the guys we reactived about 2 months ago (received the melquesidec priestood yesterday) has a bunch of massive speakers so he came and was the DJ!! Haha- it was awesome!! 

Everyone really pulled together and there was a lot of non members there that liked it!! It was pretty awesome!! We got a couple of references from it which was sweet!! The baptism will be this Saturday. I am looking forward to it!

About 3 or 4 weeks ago we were really sturggling with people to teach and things to do, but we have been praying that we would be able to fill up our agendas. And man, lately we have had a lot of appointments. That was a huge answer to our prayers cause it really sucks when you don't have any ppointments and no one to go visit! So that was a miracle! It also didn't just happen in one day. It happened over a period of time and it sucked at the beggining but now its alot better!! I love how the Lord works!!

I am doing really good! Right now the weather is exactly like a summer in Calgary! Not super hot, just nice! I love it!!  But I am not looking forward to how hot it's going to get!! 

Transfers are next week!! I will be writing on Tuesday!
I hope you guys will be able to get back to work after all these days of vacation!!  It's tough! Haha- hope you guys didnt get too lazy!!

Love you
Elder Carter

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