Sunday, 30 August 2015

Cloudy with a silver lining

August 17, 2015

Hey guys!

Well this week has been a slower week for me! 

The truth is that we have like nothing on our side of the area, only 5 members and a few inactives! We have been really trying hard to be able to find more people to teach and work with. But it has been challenging and made the days seem long.

These last few weeks have been spent talking to everyone and knocking on a lot of doors! We have been working with the members in our area but since there aren't many, we go through them pretty fast! Unfortunatley we have not really had any fruits to show for our work. After all those hours we have put into finding people, we have found 2 people to teach. I think we need to find another way to find people to teach - haha!!!!!! I just don't know how else. WE are working hard and being obedient. We even did a special fast to find some new people,but we have not found anyone yet! We have a couple of "potentials" but not too many people!! It's part of the mission experience, I guess! I think there is a lesson for me to learn here, but I don't really understand what it is yet.

On a happy note, we do have Miguel and Silvia! They are the couple with the little girl with down syndrome! They are pretty awewsome!! Their little girl is pretty awesome!! This week they are finally going to get married! So, that means that they can get baptized!! I am super excited!! The batpism should be September 5th! They are going to get married on the 28th  of August!! We have been meeting with them since April and now they are really progressing! Its pretty fun to work with them!! More than anything, I would call them my friends! It's always super fun to go and visit with them!! I am super excited for them!! 

Our recent converts are doing awesome! We eat with them every Thursday which is awesome!! She puts so much time into the food! Everything is home made from the bread to the noodles!! Its all super yummy!! They are super involved in the church, helping with activities and she even has a calling! The husband gave a class this week and it went super well! I was super nervous for him at first, but man he killed it!! He prepared himself super well!! I definitley want to come visit them after the mission!!

My comp is really into running! So we have been running a little more lately in the mornings! And man iisucks to get out of bed and go out in the cold!!  But it always feels good! He won like state or something in running, so he's pretty fast! 

Today we played a little basketball for pday for a change which was awesome cause I am not that good a soccer! So it was nice to play well for a change!! 

Things are good! I am working hard, eating well and having fun!!

Love you guys!
Elder Carter

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