Monday, 31 August 2015

A wedding!!!!!

August 31, 2015

Hey guys!! How is it going?

Man,this week was pretty good!! The biggest thing that happened was that Miguel and Silvia got married!! WOOOHOOOO!! After 4 months, finally!!

On Friday morning, we went to the "register" where the judge married them!! It was pretty sweet!! We got there at like 10:00 in the morning! We had to enter a circle shaped building in the middle of the facility, which is where the actual marriage took place. It was super nice inside with nice green chairs and a really big space! There were about 20 people that went and saw them get married!! It was pretty good!! I thought it was a little weird (mostly because I have never been to a wedding ceremony) but they got married there!! When they walked out, we threw rice at them. I have no idea why we threw rice at them, but I did it anyways!! There were 5 members who were able to come and support them but the rest of the guests were just family members. All of them are non members so it was pretty good for us cause we were able to talk to all of them and get to know them a little bit! We are going to visit some of them this week which is sweet!!

We had a reception for Miguel and Silvia that evening. It started at 8:30 pm. We called and asked president if we could stay out until 11:00 pm and he said ok! So that we sweet!! We went super early to go and help set up!! Man, there were a ton of different pepople that were helping which was awesome to see!! We set up lots of white stuff and lights and other stuff! The women were in charge of that - I was just doing what they told me to! Then at 8:30 pm everyone started showing up! We told Miguel and Silvia not to show up until 9:30 ( because people are always late). Anyways, when they got there all the lights were off in the gym and there was a cool song playing and everyone was cheering when they walked in! It was pretty sweet!! I think they liked it!! The rest of the night was spent eating and they danced (we watched). Me and Elder Bluth shared a little part of the the program where we said a couple of words which i think they liked!! It was sweet!! Our recent converts (the family Bozac) made the cake! MAN - it was a super good cake!!! She does that for work and man it was supper good looking. We had to leave before they ate it but I'm sure it tasted good!! Who would hve known that our converts were going to make a weedding cake for other converts!! Crazy!! Also one of the guys we reactived about 2 months ago (received the melquesidec priestood yesterday) has a bunch of massive speakers so he came and was the DJ!! Haha- it was awesome!! 

Everyone really pulled together and there was a lot of non members there that liked it!! It was pretty awesome!! We got a couple of references from it which was sweet!! The baptism will be this Saturday. I am looking forward to it!

About 3 or 4 weeks ago we were really sturggling with people to teach and things to do, but we have been praying that we would be able to fill up our agendas. And man, lately we have had a lot of appointments. That was a huge answer to our prayers cause it really sucks when you don't have any ppointments and no one to go visit! So that was a miracle! It also didn't just happen in one day. It happened over a period of time and it sucked at the beggining but now its alot better!! I love how the Lord works!!

I am doing really good! Right now the weather is exactly like a summer in Calgary! Not super hot, just nice! I love it!!  But I am not looking forward to how hot it's going to get!! 

Transfers are next week!! I will be writing on Tuesday!
I hope you guys will be able to get back to work after all these days of vacation!!  It's tough! Haha- hope you guys didnt get too lazy!!

Love you
Elder Carter

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Here comes the Bride!!

August 24, 2015

Hey guys!! It's been a good week! I can tell because it went by crazy fast!! 

Well, the big news this week is that Miguel and Silvia are finally getting married!! They went and took out their "turno" at the register and are going to get married this Friday!! I am super excited! Then they are going to get baptized the first week in September!! They are starting to see that God really wants them to get married! Get this-they have been looking for rings to buy and not having a ton of money it has been a little harder for them cause they couldn't find some rings that will fit their price range! Anyways, one day Miguel was working (he works fixing radios in all of Rosario) and he got a call from a store that needed radios fixed up. Well, it turned out that this store was a jewerly store. When he was done with the job he asked the owner how much the rings were. The dude told Miguel that he would do them for them free! Completely free!!! So, the got custom fitted rings for free!!!! It was a super big miracle cause they don't have a ton of money and now they get $500 dollar rings for free!! Crazyyyyy!!!

It has been great to see the ward work hard this week at pulling together a reception for this couple. Every organization is helping in some way! I thought Elder Bluth and I were going to have to plan and do everything ourselves, but the ward is really coming together!! I think it has helped that Miguel and Silvia have been coming to church for the past 4 months, so the ward members feel connected!! I am going to give him a tie cause he doesn't have one!! Hopefully everything will go well! It is amazing to think that the Lord used two 19 year old boys to come to their house and encourage them to get married, be baptized, and change their lives!!! Goes to show that there is alot more to this than two boys wanting to have an adventure!! 

This week we did a couple of  "divisions" adn they went well! We did one with a new missionary who is struggling but has a crazy strong testimony and then we did one with the asistantes! They both went really well! All in all i have realized that I am pretty prideful and need to do a lot to humble myself more!

This week I have been reading in Alma 4. There it talks about how because of the example of leaders in the church and the wickedness of the members, the city became super wicked!! It got me thinking about the importance of members sharing a good example and living the Lord's standards. One thing I have noticed lately is a big focus by the prophet on sabbath day observance. 

Well, it's been a good week! I have been a little sick, but its alright!!

I love you guys!!

Elder Carter

Cloudy with a silver lining

August 17, 2015

Hey guys!

Well this week has been a slower week for me! 

The truth is that we have like nothing on our side of the area, only 5 members and a few inactives! We have been really trying hard to be able to find more people to teach and work with. But it has been challenging and made the days seem long.

These last few weeks have been spent talking to everyone and knocking on a lot of doors! We have been working with the members in our area but since there aren't many, we go through them pretty fast! Unfortunatley we have not really had any fruits to show for our work. After all those hours we have put into finding people, we have found 2 people to teach. I think we need to find another way to find people to teach - haha!!!!!! I just don't know how else. WE are working hard and being obedient. We even did a special fast to find some new people,but we have not found anyone yet! We have a couple of "potentials" but not too many people!! It's part of the mission experience, I guess! I think there is a lesson for me to learn here, but I don't really understand what it is yet.

On a happy note, we do have Miguel and Silvia! They are the couple with the little girl with down syndrome! They are pretty awewsome!! Their little girl is pretty awesome!! This week they are finally going to get married! So, that means that they can get baptized!! I am super excited!! The batpism should be September 5th! They are going to get married on the 28th  of August!! We have been meeting with them since April and now they are really progressing! Its pretty fun to work with them!! More than anything, I would call them my friends! It's always super fun to go and visit with them!! I am super excited for them!! 

Our recent converts are doing awesome! We eat with them every Thursday which is awesome!! She puts so much time into the food! Everything is home made from the bread to the noodles!! Its all super yummy!! They are super involved in the church, helping with activities and she even has a calling! The husband gave a class this week and it went super well! I was super nervous for him at first, but man he killed it!! He prepared himself super well!! I definitley want to come visit them after the mission!!

My comp is really into running! So we have been running a little more lately in the mornings! And man iisucks to get out of bed and go out in the cold!!  But it always feels good! He won like state or something in running, so he's pretty fast! 

Today we played a little basketball for pday for a change which was awesome cause I am not that good a soccer! So it was nice to play well for a change!! 

Things are good! I am working hard, eating well and having fun!!

Love you guys!
Elder Carter


August 10, 2015

Hey guys! How was your week? Ours was pretty good!!

This week we had leadership council with president! It was really good! We basically talked about how we can help other missionaries meet their goals! We discussed how we, as leaders, can help other missionaries by following up on goals and not forgetting some of the tools we have learned! It was really awesome and i learned alot about how i can help the missionaries in my zone!

We also got updated on a few changes to the mission. One of them being we get 30 minutes of free time extra a day, which I am pretty excited about! And, we are even allowed to take a nap!!! The designated time is from 2- 2:30, which is the most un productive time of the day because no one will talk to us during this time. I am excited because I feel like I can never really catch up on my sleep, but now we can take naps so I am pretty excited!! Unfortunately, i have not had the chance to try it yet!! I will let you know how it goes!!

This week has been a little frustrating with our investigators. The couple we found last week, (M and C) who were really excited, have had a setback.  He is blind and also struggles with understanding things sometimes. He also struggles with depression, which affects his mood a lot. So, one minute he had the best time at church ever and he is super excited, but the next he doesn't want to go back. Well, we were over there Saturday, and he didn't want to continue with going to church which made us really sad. I still think that they can make it, but we will have to work really hard! They had the best experience at church,ever! They told us that! It's sad to see how easily people forget God and the good feelings from the spirit, when they are living their normal lives and carrying out day to day tasks.

We have to work really hard this week because we still set a goal with the Lord and President Zanni to bring 5 people into the church this month.  With few members and little inactives in our area,it has been a challenge. We have been contacting a lot but it really is not that effective. Its hard to tell as well if they are really interested or not. But I do know is that if we do the best we can,we have done our part, even if we dont get the goal. And we will do our very best!!!!

We have done a few divisions this week. It was good to work with some other missionaries and help them out! I went on one division with one missionary who has tons of potential but really isn't living up to it. I tried to tell him, but really I learned that if we don't do the best we can, we are really just hurting ourselves. 

It has been pouring lately, which makes it challenging to work. Crazy thunder and lighting! i liked the rain at home and I like sleeping in the rain, but I have come to have a strong dislike for the rain out here on the mission where we have to work in it. On the positive side, when it rains here people make a whole bunch of yummy baked goods! 

Something that I have also learned this week is the value of choosing to be happy. If we can learn to choose to be happy even when things are going bad we will be waaay more successful and happy. Especially when working with people. I have noticed when we talk to people they are alot more receptive if we have a smile and really show interest in their lives. 

Nothing else really is new with me! I am just working hard and trying my very best to help people!!

I love you guys!
Elder Carter

New goals!

August 3, 2015

Hey guys!! How's it going?

This Week has been pretty good! Steve and Triton had a friend that went to BYU with them whom I met this week!  And actually, it turns out he is in my ward too! What a small world! It was cool to see him and talk with him a little bit about home! He seems pretty cool!

On Wednesday, Elder Bluth and I made a trip back up to Santa Fe so that the doctor could do a follow up checkup on my toe. Now that Santa Fe is in the other mission, its a bigger deal cause I had to leave the mission! Anyways, the doctor says that my toe is healing perfectly so that's good news! haha !! On the way, back we ran into a ton of other missionaries from the other mission!! I knew them all, of course, so that was super fun! Elder Johnson was there too so that was pretty cool so see him! He goes home in only 2 months! Crazy how the time goes by!! 

We spent a good chunk of the week showing the other elders their part of the area so that they knew the members and the "menos activos"and everything else they needed to know!! They have a ton of people to work with, where as we almost don't have anyone yet!! But this week we have been working hard to change that!!

This month, the mission has the goal of 80 baptisms!! It has been 4 years since the mission has reached over 80 baptisms. On Friday, every companionship had an interview with president to set goals for each area. The goal for the Rosario mission is 80, but in total the goal of the companionships is 200. So, I hope everything goes well! We were pretty busy on Friday, helping presidente coordinate all the interviews. Elder Bluth and I have set the goal of 4 baptisms in the month of August!!  I have learned when setting goals with God,  if the spirit comfirms your goal, then you are obligated to achieve it. If God says you will baptize 4 of my children, you better do your part cause He is for sure going to do His. I think that if we don't achieve this goal, then we have not worked hard enough. Its kind of stressful but we have been seeing miracles!

When we set the goal, we had 0 people with a baptismal date. We had an area that didn't have much work. We have been working super hard and on Saturday night we found a family to teach and gave them dates. They came to church the next day and they said they loved it and shared that they had never felt that way before. On Sunday,we were visiting with the awesome couple who have the Down syndrome baby. They need to get married and have been putting it off for forever. As we were visiting with them, they told us they wanted to be married and baptized by September! It was pretty amazing! So, even though we did not have anyone with a baptismal goal before setting our goals, now we have 4 people that want to be baptized!! I know that if we work hard and set goals with God, we can reach them!

Missionary life has been good! We went to a buffet today which was super yummy! Sorry Ihave not been sending pictures recently.  Other  missionaries have been getting viruses on their cameras, deleting thier pictures, so i would rather not have that happen to me! 

Things are good! We are working hard!!

I love you guys!
Elder Carter

Transfers week

July 30, 2015 
Hey guys! How's it going? 

Well, this week has been good!! First of all, it was transfers and both Elder Bluth and I are staying together! This will be the third transfer we are together, so that will be the most time I have had with a companion! I am happy! Our area is getting split in half. We did the division and basically, we only work on one half of our area right now cause the other half really doesn't have a ton of members or menos activos! So, we divided it and we are going to work in the area were there really isn't much going on yet. It  will be a great challenge! There are 2 more missionaries coming into this area because it is pretty big!! It will be cool to see how the missionary work goes!!

Yesterday was transfer day, which was crazy once again! We were busy helping everyone get the their areas safely, but it was fun to see everyone!!

This week we were also helping move the furniture into the new apartments of the elders that are opening areas in the zone! Man, Argentina really makes it hard to move. Everyone lives in tiny little passage ways or on top of houses with little stairs. Moving the oven and the closets up the tiny stairs was a fight! hahaha but we won! We were able to do the move without braking anything!! 

Our investigators this week gave Elder Bluth and I some super nice dress shoes, which was pretty awesome!! I was pretty excited cause you know how much  I love shoes!!

This week we did a few divisiones as well, so we were busy with that. Right now we don't really have very many people we are teaching or menos activos that we are working with so we will have a lot of work to do in this area!

It's  starting to get hot again, which was annoying! We only had like 3 months of cold! But,  its alright!

I am happy with how Bentley is doing well and improving! My toe is doing good too! Oh, and I got the packages you sent me. They were pretty flipping sweet! Thank you so much! I loved the maps of Canada and all the ties! 

Love you!
Elder Carter

Minor surgery

July 20, 2015 

Well,  I hope Bentleys nose is okay!! Tell him he needs to hit the ball forward-hahaha !!! Please let him know he is in my prayers!!!

While Bentley was having his hospital experience, I was having my own!  Well, it was more like a clinic than a hospital and I was thankful for that because the hospitals down here are like the call of duty hospitals that you play in. They honestly look like you are going to catch a deathly virus if you enter. But luckily I didn't have to go into one of those. On Wednesday I went with the other Elder ,who needed the surgery as well, up to Santa Fe for toe surgery. Well, it was very nice that I went up there with the Elder that is in charge of all the money because we ate some good food!! Haha, we probably spent a little more money on food than we should have but it wasn't my problem!! I was just supporting him. We bought a couple of pizzas, a bunch of snacks, pop, and some pastries! It was so yummy! It was worth going up there and getting all cut up just for the feast!! Anyways, we got there and the doctor froze my foot and then just started going crazy cutting and stuff. I looked up a couple of times and there was just blood everywhere! I wish I had taken some pictures but I couldn't!! Anyways, it turned out good! Hermana Zanni was so good to us and she was waiting for us after the surgery with some medicine and some food, just like you would, mom! She drove us home and made sure we  had everything we needed!  I'm being very well taken care of, so don't worry a bit mom!!

The reason why I had to have another surgery is becuase the one I had done in venado tuerto was poorly done. It was done by a docotor who didn't know too much. So, this time Hermana Zanni found the best doctor she knew and sent me there! And it sure felt like this guy knew a lot more! 

So, I  have been basically resting for the week cause I can't really walk on it. It has given me a good opporuntiy to study a litttle bit more which was nice! I was also able to get caught up on some sleep. But all in all, it was boring!! The members sure spoiled me, though! They just kept on stopping by with yummy food and treats! It was sooooo good!!!!!! Except, I think I am getting fat! 

Saturday, I was able to walk again, a little bit slower, but walking! It was so nice to finally get out working again!! When we were out working, we had a feeling that we should go visit one of our investigators. We were hesitant because she lives way on the opposite end of our area. To be honest, I did not really want to walk all that way with my hurting toe. But when the sprit tells you to do something, you just have to get over yourself and do it. So we walked 50 mins to the other side of our area. We didnt even know if she was going to be there (its hard to find her). Well, when we got there, she was there! It was awesome! We talked for a while and invited her to church! She even came to church on Sunday,which was sweet!!!!! I can tell you that  if we had not gone and visited her, she would not have come to church!! It was pretty cool!!

The other big news this week is that they are going to put 2 more missionaries in this area!! So, we have been working hard dividing the area and doing some stuff for them! It should be pretty exciting!! The members are pretty excited about it as well!! 

Transfers are next week, so I won't write till Tuesday!

Also, a couple weeks ago, I put my usb in the computer here that had all the pics of my mission, cause I wanted to send some. Well, I couldn't find any of them! It turned out that I had gottena  virus on my usb that deleted and hid some of the pictures! At first I was really stressed, but then i gave it to a guy in the ward who works with computers and he was able to recover all the deleted pictures and take off the virus! So, now I will be a little more careful! Unfortunately, that means I can't send home as many pictures. Sorry, I just don't want to loose them!!!

Anyways, I  love you guys!
Keep me posted on Bentley! He will be in my prayers!!!! Tell him he got hurt because he hasn't been reading the Book of Mormon enough!!

I love you guys!
Elder Carter