Sunday, 30 August 2015

Here comes the Bride!!

August 24, 2015

Hey guys!! It's been a good week! I can tell because it went by crazy fast!! 

Well, the big news this week is that Miguel and Silvia are finally getting married!! They went and took out their "turno" at the register and are going to get married this Friday!! I am super excited! Then they are going to get baptized the first week in September!! They are starting to see that God really wants them to get married! Get this-they have been looking for rings to buy and not having a ton of money it has been a little harder for them cause they couldn't find some rings that will fit their price range! Anyways, one day Miguel was working (he works fixing radios in all of Rosario) and he got a call from a store that needed radios fixed up. Well, it turned out that this store was a jewerly store. When he was done with the job he asked the owner how much the rings were. The dude told Miguel that he would do them for them free! Completely free!!! So, the got custom fitted rings for free!!!! It was a super big miracle cause they don't have a ton of money and now they get $500 dollar rings for free!! Crazyyyyy!!!

It has been great to see the ward work hard this week at pulling together a reception for this couple. Every organization is helping in some way! I thought Elder Bluth and I were going to have to plan and do everything ourselves, but the ward is really coming together!! I think it has helped that Miguel and Silvia have been coming to church for the past 4 months, so the ward members feel connected!! I am going to give him a tie cause he doesn't have one!! Hopefully everything will go well! It is amazing to think that the Lord used two 19 year old boys to come to their house and encourage them to get married, be baptized, and change their lives!!! Goes to show that there is alot more to this than two boys wanting to have an adventure!! 

This week we did a couple of  "divisions" adn they went well! We did one with a new missionary who is struggling but has a crazy strong testimony and then we did one with the asistantes! They both went really well! All in all i have realized that I am pretty prideful and need to do a lot to humble myself more!

This week I have been reading in Alma 4. There it talks about how because of the example of leaders in the church and the wickedness of the members, the city became super wicked!! It got me thinking about the importance of members sharing a good example and living the Lord's standards. One thing I have noticed lately is a big focus by the prophet on sabbath day observance. 

Well, it's been a good week! I have been a little sick, but its alright!!

I love you guys!!

Elder Carter

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