Sunday, 30 August 2015

Transfers week

July 30, 2015 
Hey guys! How's it going? 

Well, this week has been good!! First of all, it was transfers and both Elder Bluth and I are staying together! This will be the third transfer we are together, so that will be the most time I have had with a companion! I am happy! Our area is getting split in half. We did the division and basically, we only work on one half of our area right now cause the other half really doesn't have a ton of members or menos activos! So, we divided it and we are going to work in the area were there really isn't much going on yet. It  will be a great challenge! There are 2 more missionaries coming into this area because it is pretty big!! It will be cool to see how the missionary work goes!!

Yesterday was transfer day, which was crazy once again! We were busy helping everyone get the their areas safely, but it was fun to see everyone!!

This week we were also helping move the furniture into the new apartments of the elders that are opening areas in the zone! Man, Argentina really makes it hard to move. Everyone lives in tiny little passage ways or on top of houses with little stairs. Moving the oven and the closets up the tiny stairs was a fight! hahaha but we won! We were able to do the move without braking anything!! 

Our investigators this week gave Elder Bluth and I some super nice dress shoes, which was pretty awesome!! I was pretty excited cause you know how much  I love shoes!!

This week we did a few divisiones as well, so we were busy with that. Right now we don't really have very many people we are teaching or menos activos that we are working with so we will have a lot of work to do in this area!

It's  starting to get hot again, which was annoying! We only had like 3 months of cold! But,  its alright!

I am happy with how Bentley is doing well and improving! My toe is doing good too! Oh, and I got the packages you sent me. They were pretty flipping sweet! Thank you so much! I loved the maps of Canada and all the ties! 

Love you!
Elder Carter

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