Sunday, 30 August 2015

New goals!

August 3, 2015

Hey guys!! How's it going?

This Week has been pretty good! Steve and Triton had a friend that went to BYU with them whom I met this week!  And actually, it turns out he is in my ward too! What a small world! It was cool to see him and talk with him a little bit about home! He seems pretty cool!

On Wednesday, Elder Bluth and I made a trip back up to Santa Fe so that the doctor could do a follow up checkup on my toe. Now that Santa Fe is in the other mission, its a bigger deal cause I had to leave the mission! Anyways, the doctor says that my toe is healing perfectly so that's good news! haha !! On the way, back we ran into a ton of other missionaries from the other mission!! I knew them all, of course, so that was super fun! Elder Johnson was there too so that was pretty cool so see him! He goes home in only 2 months! Crazy how the time goes by!! 

We spent a good chunk of the week showing the other elders their part of the area so that they knew the members and the "menos activos"and everything else they needed to know!! They have a ton of people to work with, where as we almost don't have anyone yet!! But this week we have been working hard to change that!!

This month, the mission has the goal of 80 baptisms!! It has been 4 years since the mission has reached over 80 baptisms. On Friday, every companionship had an interview with president to set goals for each area. The goal for the Rosario mission is 80, but in total the goal of the companionships is 200. So, I hope everything goes well! We were pretty busy on Friday, helping presidente coordinate all the interviews. Elder Bluth and I have set the goal of 4 baptisms in the month of August!!  I have learned when setting goals with God,  if the spirit comfirms your goal, then you are obligated to achieve it. If God says you will baptize 4 of my children, you better do your part cause He is for sure going to do His. I think that if we don't achieve this goal, then we have not worked hard enough. Its kind of stressful but we have been seeing miracles!

When we set the goal, we had 0 people with a baptismal date. We had an area that didn't have much work. We have been working super hard and on Saturday night we found a family to teach and gave them dates. They came to church the next day and they said they loved it and shared that they had never felt that way before. On Sunday,we were visiting with the awesome couple who have the Down syndrome baby. They need to get married and have been putting it off for forever. As we were visiting with them, they told us they wanted to be married and baptized by September! It was pretty amazing! So, even though we did not have anyone with a baptismal goal before setting our goals, now we have 4 people that want to be baptized!! I know that if we work hard and set goals with God, we can reach them!

Missionary life has been good! We went to a buffet today which was super yummy! Sorry Ihave not been sending pictures recently.  Other  missionaries have been getting viruses on their cameras, deleting thier pictures, so i would rather not have that happen to me! 

Things are good! We are working hard!!

I love you guys!
Elder Carter

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