Thursday, 22 January 2015

One great adventure!!

January 18, 2015


Hola!!! How’s it going? Thanks for filling me in on all the new mission calls and upcoming weddings. The world is moving on without me!! Ha-ha!! Except for Target – they are done. Too bad for you that it’s closing, but it did seem quiet in there every time we went. And I am happy to hear you guys are good to the ward missionaries. When I get home, I hope to work with them lots!!


This week has been pretty good!! We have been trying to find new people to teach so we have been doing a lot of contacting and stuff! We also continue our search to find the less active members and when we find them, we try and help them. Makes for busy days!! The weather is tough right now. It is super hot for a couple of days and then it pours for days!!! And we get absolutely soaked!! There are also tons of bugs!! Sometimes I feel them crawling up my leg when I sleep – hahaha!!!!


We met this one lady who was less active and we asked her why. She really did not have a straight answer and kind of went around in circles and mentioned that she goes to another church now. I know it was bold, but I asked her if God told her that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was the only true church on the earth, would she go? She said “no.” I have a hard time understanding that!! It makes me sad and sometimes a little frustrated. There are many others here that take church attendance very casually. But there are also some really great and committed members too.


Our lunch calendar provided us with many interesting opportunities. One of them was a good and very humble brother in the ward who was kind to feed us but who surprised us a little with his manner of praying and with some interesting hygiene. Let’s just say we prayed for divine help to finish the meal and plead with Heavenly Father to really really bless the food that it would NOT do our body too much harm. Then, we ate as quickly as we could and tried not to look at what we were eating. We were thankful for his willingness to feed us, but maybe we won’t pass the calendar around for a little bit. Buying a pizza for lunch sounds super yummy some days!! I am a little jealous you guys got to eat grandma’s yummy food this week.  I really miss it!!


Yesterday I had to give a talk!! I was made aware that I was going to speak about 5 minutes before sacrament!!!!! I quickly pulled something out of a hat and prayed like crazy! I spoke on the “obra missional” (missionary work)! That’s my best Spanish vocabulary. I think it went okay! I really felt the influence and help of the Holy Spirit. I went up there with a couple of scriptures and the small amount of Spanish I know and spoke with the spirit!! And I think the congregation understood what I was saying!!! It probably helped that I repeated myself a lot, but it’s okay!! I think it went well!!


I bought a backpack this past week with the money, so thanks!! I like using it a lot better than the other bag we had bought. Hopefully it won’t get stolen!! Well, this week should be a good week!! I am looking forward to it! Hopefully we will have some baptismal dates lined up!!!!


I love you guys!!! Thanks for all the updates! Keep the coming!! And the pictures too J Good job on the blog, mom!!


Good luck with every day!! Happy Birthday, Bita! Happy Birthday, Dad!!!


I love you!  Chow!!

Elder Carter

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Good news!!

January 13, 2015


Hey guys!!!! Thanks for filling me in on stuff! It sounds like Spencer’s homecoming was sweet!! And just so you know, I think it would be super cool if one day you and dad just showed up in my branch on a random Sunday, like some guys did to an Elder I know serving in California J!! I got a package from Sister Dilling today. It was great!! Thank you so much!! Unfortunately, I still have not received yours.


This week has been so good!! We had a baptism which was super cool!!!! It was GREAT! Even though I have not worked with him for too long, it was awesome to see how happy he was to be baptized. It is too bad he forgot to come to church on Sunday to be confirmed. Hahaha!! But he will be there this Sunday. Speaking of Sunday,we had an inactive member travel 1.5 hours on bus to come out to church today. That is unheard of here!! I was so happy!!


I continue to stay busy meeting the members of this branch and getting to know the area better. This place is so cool (but hot)!! I really like this area lots! The members are awesome! Guess what I did on Sunday?  I made us a lunch calendar!!!! I talked to the Relief Society president and asked her if she could pass it around and now we have lunch almost every day!!!!! We are so grateful, especially since I really hate making lunch. We usually just buy it if we are not invited.  


Right now we are working a ton with in actives because that’s a big problem here!! It seems like the families here decide to go some weeks and then not the others!! Its crazyyyy to me!! In my personal study time, I have been doing some intense studying on the Sabbath day and the sacrament. As I have been reading the scriptures, I have come to realize and appreciate the importance of weekly church attendance and the sacrament has taken on a more personal meaning to me. I have come to truly understand that going to church and taking the sacrament is the most important thing we do all week!!!! Doing so gives us countless blessings in this life and in the life to come. Thinking about all this stuff has made me feel closer to Heavenly Father.


People here are funny!! There is like a total of 0 people outside between the hours of 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm. It almost feels like it should be 3:00 am, but it’s only the middle afternoon!! Ha-ha  - maybe it’s because it is super-hot and humid here!! Just the other pday I was doing some laundry at like 3:00 pm and I was sweating like I had just ran 10km!!!! It was crazy and super annoying!! I miss winter!


Well, I have good news.  I have not been bit by any spiders or scorpions this week, which is good!! I am starting to relax a little and to enjoy my time again in the bathroom, which is lovely!!! I also really enjoy studying in the mornings.  It is so awesome!! I have been very good at writing in my journal every night also! My companion and I get along great! I love him and we work really hard. He is the district leader.


Well, thanks for everything! I am going to send some pics!!! Glad you’re feeling better mom


I love you guys!



Elder Carter

First baptism!!

New Year's Eve

Our roommate, Elder Scorpion

In my new area

By the river in San Lorenzo

It is sooooo hot!!!!

Beautiful San Lorenzo

Doing the laundry by hand - good times :)

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Getting Familiar with San Lorenzo

January 5, 2015


Hola!! It sounds like you guys had a pretty good week!! Relaxing and everything!! I hope you feel better mom! It’s never fun to be sick! It’s too bad you are not feeling well! Wow you guys fell asleep at 11:00 pm on New Year’s Eve?! What the heck! Ha-ha jk, you guys are just getting old..... But it’s okay!!



New Year’s was pretty boring for us missionaries! We didn’t really do anything because we had to be in early and couldn’t leave the pension for safety reasons. It’s just a massive party here and pretty dangerous, with many drunks on the streets!! But we did climb up on the roof on New Year’s Eve and watched the fire works!! It was fun! There was a ton of fireworks going off everywhere!!! Unfortunately, I couldn’t start my year out with a New Year’s Kiss, which was disappointing! Jk!!


You guys aren’t going to believe this, but Jan 1 was “dia de limpeiza” (cleaning day) mission wide!!!!!!! WHAT THE HECK! Karma has it out for me!! I was so happy I was getting out of our crazy Carter cleaning day tradition for 2 years, but I can’t escape it!!! Ha-ha!! So, we spent a good chunk of the morning cleaning out the pension!! It was boring but it wasn’t for too long (at least not as long as it takes us at home)!!


This week we found a couple of scorpions in our bathroom!! I am so annoyed because now I can’t enjoy my time bathroom time anymore! I have to get in and out because I don’t want to get stung and have to go to the” call of duty” hospital here!! So, if I am quick and careful, hopefully no scorpions will bite me!!


I am getting more used to things here! We spent all week getting to know the members and “menos activos “which was good!! I am really looking forward to working with them!!!! The members seem really cool here too!! I think I will like it here a lot!!


This town is right beside a massive river so it is soooooo humid!! Like, crazy humid! It’s tough!! My shirts are always wet!! And we have to do our laundry by hand, which is super hard!! But it’s okay!! I actually don’t mind it that much!!


The branch here is small. We have about 40 people coming to church, but have about 700 members here in San Lorenzo. So that means we have a lot of work to do!! Our focus is more on helping the Ward and branches here. We are instructed not to count how many lessons we teach in the week or any stats like that. We just count attendance at church and the number of investigators at church and the number of people we have re activated! I really like this a lot because if we can re active someone it’s just as important as a baptism! So, we have been working a ton with the “menos activos” and I am happy about that!!


Our area is a lot bigger than my previous area. We have to organize our day and work in one ├írea of the city per day or else we waste a ton of time just walking around! So, we have work Smart! We still need to find a lot more investigators too!


The exciting news is that this week we have 2 baptisms!! It is really sweet!! I haven’t taught them a ton of lessons, but I have taught them a few!! We have one young man named C being baptized on Tuesday, and a 9 year old girl getting baptized on Saturday! So, that is really awesome!!  It should be a great week!! I am so excited for them, even though I didn’t work with them a ton!!


Tonight we have zone meeting which should be good! I am pretty pumped for that! And I am thinking we are probably going to get our packages too!!


This is the stuff I most miss (other than you guys) and would be very very nice of you if you could send it to me J


Peanut butter (crunchy kind, I already ate the ones you sent me)

Canada (so a map would be great)

Sptiz sunflower seeds (the orange flavor and bbq)

Eat mores

Skinny ties (only skinny ones)

Reece’s peanut butter cups

Good hair gel (Bentley knows the good ones)

Spicy sauces


Thanks for everything!


I love you guys!!!!!


Chau- chau!

Elder Carter