Thursday, 18 August 2016


August 15, 2016

Well this is it. Two years coming to an end. To put into words these two years is too much to ask. I cannot describe how grateful I am for them. My mission has meant the world to me. I have done my best. And because of that, God has given me what I needed and not necessarily what I wanted in order to help me progress. It was tough, sad, lonely, tiring, never ending, BUT dispite all those feelings the feelings of happiness, excitement, joy, and peace make it worth 100 times over. Looking back I remember the good times way more than I  remember the bad times. 

To sum up what I have learnt or been able to accomplish is that I have gotten to know my saviour Jesus Christ. Before my mission I knew of him and had felt a little bit of His presence, but NOW I know He is my Saviour, my Reedemer, my older brother, my King, and my example. He helps me when I can't do it anymore, He comforts me when I need comfort, He knows how to help me because He has felt it all before. He has gone through it, he knows what it is like and WILL never leave us alone. I have felt His presence, felt His comfort and have come to know Him a lot better. I still have a long way to go, but for that I am very grateful. I have better understood what he has done for me and all of Gods children. The atonement is real, and avaliable for all. 

The Lord's work, missionary work, has been something that has become part of me and hope that will forever be a part of me. He dedicated his life to it and some of the very small things that he asks of us in return for his infinite sacrifice is to help our brothers and sisters.

I have learned the importance of the family and what it means to God. Families are meant to be eternal. He loves us and wants  us to be happy. He is our loving Father.

Love you
Elder Carter

Lessons from a convert

August 1, 2016

Hey guys!! Man, I really love reading your emails! Thanks!!

Last p day we went to a place that sells waffles! I was pretty excited since I have not eaten waffles in a really long time! We had planned it out a couple days before,even!! When we got there, it looked pretty good! I ordered a milkshake and a waffle with ice cream on it. The milkshake got there pretty fast. But when I started to drink it, it tasted like I was drinking banana flavoured water!! I had been soooo excited just anticipating it, and it was pretty gross! I still had a little bit of hope for the the waffle that was coming, though. When they brought it around it looked pretty good, but turned out to be disappointing too! Lesson learned - not every new and anticipated experience will turn out as great as we hoped. 

This week we went to rosario pretty early in the morning for a meeting! It was pretty good! I got to see Elder Aubrey and Elder Curtis which was aweome!! I have become really good friends with them! I will be sad to say goodbye to them but after the mission we will hang out!! 

We have been working really hard this week to find new people to teach and do everything in order help more people get baptized! Its hard and long but awesome at the same time!!  

This week I was talking to a convert of 3 months at church! He is a pretty awesome guy who is super excited about the church! His attitude was contagious and made me so excited as well!! Anyways, after chatting for a little bit, he was telling me his conversion story. The part that was the most interesting to me was that he said that he got to know the church through the missionaries that knocked on his door. On his first Sunday at church, he felt excited but pretty nervous about not knowing anyone. He was so surprised when he realized he actually knew 3 people at church! He was happy because he did not feel so alone, but disappointed because these people had never invited him or even said anything about the church. Missionaries had to come from the other side of the world in order to help him get to know the gospel when his friends right next door ALREADY HAD IT. And did not even say anything! I was thinking about that and how I do not want that to happen! We have the knowledge needed to go back to live with God! How selfish is it not to share it with others!?

I love you guys!
Elder Carter