Sunday, 27 March 2016


March 21, 2016

Hey guys!!
This week has been good! I have been a little sick but I am getting better! It's getting pretty cold here! I am starting to have to wear my sweater! It's kind of nice change though! No more heat! WE are also eating a lot of noodles and stews now since it is getting colder! I like it but I can tell I will get sick of it fast!!
Well, this week we got a new ward mission leader! The old one was pretty awesome, the best one that I have had on my mission! He knew how to be a ward mission leader very well! It was cool to work with him. So, this week we got a new one, and we will see how it goes! It should be good! It seems like he knows what he is doing too! The first correlation meeting went pretty good. The best part by far was the pancakes following the meeting!! The new meander is a professional chef, so he knows how to make some pretty good food! The pancakes were the best pancakes I have had in a year and a half.... even though I have not had very many in my year and a half! Anyways, the best part is that he brought out a bottle of maple syrup!! It has been so long since I have had maple syrup!! They don't have it here! And WOW- those pancakes were reaaaallly good! Hahaha - I think it was just because it had been so long since I had eaten maple syrup!!
This week I also got to do divisions with Elder Cox! He was my companion back in villa ramallo!! It was pretty cool to see him and get caught up with him! It seems like he is doing really good! It was great to spend some time with him! He is training now and seems to be working really well! It was really cool!!
One thing that I have been thinking about alot lately is commitment. Especially, as it applies in missionary work. I am out here pretty far away from my family, living in places that I had never thought posible, eating some weird things and dedicating 24 hours a day 7 days a week to this. But somehow sometimes it seems like missionaries aren't that commited, including me. We get tired or we get hungry or we get cold or a bunch of other things and we get lazy in our commitment. I think our level of commitment is directly related to your success. If you are 100 dedicated and will do everything and anything to to what you are supposed to, you will find success. But on the other had if you just go through the actions and do things barely getting by, its alot harder to achieve success. I think it applies to life as well. If we are commited to our family, we are more likely to have a happier/better family. If we are commited to work we are more likley to achieve success! Its just something I have been thinking about lately!
We are going to have another baptism this Saturday! We have been working with this girl for a long time! She has had to change a lot in her life to be able to get baptized but she is doing a good job! I am excited for her!
Love you
Elder Carter

Eternal things

March 14, 2016

Hey guys!!! This week has been good!! 

Yesterday we confirmed Carina (the woman who got baptized last week). It went well!!! She  almost didn't show up because her baby couldn't sleep or something!! But she finally arrived 5 mins late to sacrament meeting, right before she had to be confirmed! I was a little nervous, but everything went good! She got confirmed and is very happy right now! We talked with her inactive husband and we layed everything out to him. He smokes and does not come to church. With love we told him that if he didn't do those things he would not live with his wife and child for ever. He said that I was too hard. We kept talking and we told him straight up if he didn't try and do these important things for his family,mhe would be a coward, but if he tried he could live with his family forever. He got pretty mad! But now I can say that We really did everything that we could to help him come to church! He didn't come on Sunday to see his wife get confirmed which was too bad! We said it with love obviously but Nephi says that sometimes the guilty feel it because it goes right to the heart!!

This week we have done a couple divisions and they have been good! Sometimes it's tough cause I don't really know my area that well to start with. If an appointment cancels or is not home, we just need to contact and talk to people. That's great, but sometimes it gets tiring ! It is not always efficient either. The missionaries that come and do splits with us always eat all of our food as well! But I guess that's just how it goes...
This week we went to a family's house for lunch. They are a super awesome family, and fed us some super awesome food!! Anyways, they have a 14 year old son, who is super cool! I really like him! They have just recently reactivated, about 3 months ago. Before they had been reactivated, this fourteen year old boy loved to play League of Legends. I have never played it, but it looks cool... if you dont waste all your time on it. Anyways, this 14 year old kid was addicted to it!!! He said he would spend between 15-18 hours a day playing this game. He would wake up at 4 in the morning so that he could play it and nobody could bother him. He was addicted and couldn't stop thinking or playing it. He decided when he came back to church, to give it up. Now he is going to receive the priestood and is reading his scriptures and everything! Pretty awesome! It just made me really think about the things that help us learn and progress and the things that don't. Him playing that game isnt a bad thing if he only plays 1 hour or 2 a day, but when you devote all your time to that, it's awful. He was doing nothing with his life. The things that will help us for eternity sometimes are hard to do, but they are things that will be usefull. It was cool to see the change in him! They also gave us donuts afterwards so that was pretty awesome as well!!

I am doing good! We are working hard!!!
Love you guys!!!

Sunday, 13 March 2016

A baptism!

March 7, 2016

Hey guys!!
This week was good! It went by really fast!!
WE HAD a baptism yesterday!! Pretty sweet huh?!  Her name is Carina and she is a very simple and humble woman. She doesn't understand everything but is so willing to try! When I got here, they were already teaching her so I just helped finish up the lessons! She is super awesome! Anyways, yesterday after church she got baptized! We planned the service for Sunday after church because her inactive husband couldn't come any other time. He even came to the full three hours of church, which was really awesome!! So, because we had the baptism right after church, everyone stayed, which was pretty sweet!! The bishop from another ward came and baptized her because she has some type of connection with him. Anyways, we had to wait for like an hour for him to show up!! Haha - I guess he had to do some things in his own ward right after church. 

Yesterday was also fast sunday. People here fast from lunch to lunch, instead of dinner to dinner. So, they eat lunch on Saturday and then break the fast on Sunday lunch. So, we do the same as missionaries. WELL, church ended at 12 and the baptism didn't start until 1:30 because we were waiting for this bishop. I was dying of hunger! We started the baptismal service and everything was on its way. I had to give the talk about the spirit because the speaker didn't show up, and let me tell you that it was the most brief talk/ testimony I have ever given!!  I was hungry and I am sure that all the members were as well! Haha - I hope she was happy with it, though!!! After the baptism we left quickly with the family that we had planned to eat lunch with. I don't usually like noodles cause we eat them so much, but this time they were really good! I don't know if that was because I was so hungry or just because they were so good! Haha!! We ended up eating at like 3:00 pm. I felt like it was the the longest fast I have ever done! But it was good! We survived!! And, even better, we were able to help someone get baptized!! Pretty sweet!!
The rest of this week has been good! We have been working a lot and really trying to find people to baptize! The ward here is super awesome! We had 140 people at church yesterday which was crazy! I haven't been at church with that many people for a long time!! Haha! You know how after church the halls are pretty full because of how many people there are right after? I had totally forgotten about that until yesterday! It was crazy! I really like it cause it makes the work a little easier! We are challenging all the members to get a book of mormon and put a picture of their family on the back pages with their testimony and give it to someone! We have yet to verify, but I think it will help them share the gospel better! Maybe that's something that you guys can do as well! I think it would help a lot!! 

We have lunch everyday which is  AWESOME! My only concern is that I don't come home looking really fat! They feed us good here!!! Lunch AND sometimes dinner! What a blessing!! Elder Bluth and I are working hard!! We are doing good!!
This week we had leadership council with all the zone leaders. I loved those when I was a zone leader. Now, I've decided I don't like them that much. Hahaha, it's alright though! There is a lot more work behind these conferences than I thought. It all went well and we got a nice yummy breakfast and lunch as a bonus!!
Love you guys!!
Elder Carter

Back in Rosario!

February 29, 2016

Hey guys!

Well, this has been a pretty crazy week! Lots has happened!

So I am now in Rosario! The ward I am in is called Belgrano and its a WARD! There are like 120 people who come to church and they are super awesome! It feels weird to be in a church with so many people! Coming from a little branch of 40 its a little awkward to be in a ward of 120! So many faces! I am really excited though, cause it makes it easier to focus on the missionary work! We have more members to work with! The area is super cool! It's like half in the inner part of the city and then the other half is just government appartment buildings! It gets a little scetchy, but its nice to mix things up! Haha!!  After being out in the country for so long, it's a nice change! The people are alive here!! Being back with Elder Bluth is good!!!  We don't have to do the whole get to know you questions! We already know each other and how we work, so it's fun as well! I have been getting to know the people and the missionaries a little bit better here!!

Sorry for the pretty crappy letter last week! We didn't really have much time to write! This time I do, though!

We have a baptism this coming week! She is a lady named Carina. She is very humble. She does not know how to read, but knows the church is true. I am really excited! She had her baptismal interview last week and this Sunday she should be baptized! It is exciting! We are really trying to focus on teaching repentance and baptizing converts! Thats what the big man upstairs wants! We are working really hard to find and teach! Our area needs to be the example area! President is putting ALOT of pressure on us for that! So I hope to work hard and baptize lots of people here!

Also this week I was thinking a lot about progression. As missionaries we always teach the importance of progression. We are here to progess. That's our purpose here on earth, to do what is right and progress. I realized it requires a lot more than just to find the church and live its standardss! Its more than just coming on Sunday, and mark things off on a check list! I think it has to do a lot with the person you are and what type of character you have. Are we humble, valiant, caring, brave, hard working? I think that we have this life to develop things like that for eternity! If we are not organized, we have the opportunity to learn to become organized. If we have a hard time being honest, we have the opporunity to learn how to be honest! We will make tons of mistakes, but those who DO things will always make mistakes. Those who don't do anything don't make mistakes because there are none to make! Pretty good stuff! So that's what I have been working on a lot lately! I am trying to develop attributes and talents that will help me in the eternal scheme of things!

I like being in back in Rosario! The pension is alright! The one in villa ramallo was better, but its alright! I am enjoying my time here! This could be my last area, who knows?

Thanks for everything! 
I love you guys!
Elder Carter