Sunday, 13 March 2016

Back in Rosario!

February 29, 2016

Hey guys!

Well, this has been a pretty crazy week! Lots has happened!

So I am now in Rosario! The ward I am in is called Belgrano and its a WARD! There are like 120 people who come to church and they are super awesome! It feels weird to be in a church with so many people! Coming from a little branch of 40 its a little awkward to be in a ward of 120! So many faces! I am really excited though, cause it makes it easier to focus on the missionary work! We have more members to work with! The area is super cool! It's like half in the inner part of the city and then the other half is just government appartment buildings! It gets a little scetchy, but its nice to mix things up! Haha!!  After being out in the country for so long, it's a nice change! The people are alive here!! Being back with Elder Bluth is good!!!  We don't have to do the whole get to know you questions! We already know each other and how we work, so it's fun as well! I have been getting to know the people and the missionaries a little bit better here!!

Sorry for the pretty crappy letter last week! We didn't really have much time to write! This time I do, though!

We have a baptism this coming week! She is a lady named Carina. She is very humble. She does not know how to read, but knows the church is true. I am really excited! She had her baptismal interview last week and this Sunday she should be baptized! It is exciting! We are really trying to focus on teaching repentance and baptizing converts! Thats what the big man upstairs wants! We are working really hard to find and teach! Our area needs to be the example area! President is putting ALOT of pressure on us for that! So I hope to work hard and baptize lots of people here!

Also this week I was thinking a lot about progression. As missionaries we always teach the importance of progression. We are here to progess. That's our purpose here on earth, to do what is right and progress. I realized it requires a lot more than just to find the church and live its standardss! Its more than just coming on Sunday, and mark things off on a check list! I think it has to do a lot with the person you are and what type of character you have. Are we humble, valiant, caring, brave, hard working? I think that we have this life to develop things like that for eternity! If we are not organized, we have the opportunity to learn to become organized. If we have a hard time being honest, we have the opporunity to learn how to be honest! We will make tons of mistakes, but those who DO things will always make mistakes. Those who don't do anything don't make mistakes because there are none to make! Pretty good stuff! So that's what I have been working on a lot lately! I am trying to develop attributes and talents that will help me in the eternal scheme of things!

I like being in back in Rosario! The pension is alright! The one in villa ramallo was better, but its alright! I am enjoying my time here! This could be my last area, who knows?

Thanks for everything! 
I love you guys!
Elder Carter

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