Sunday, 28 February 2016

A Transfer!

February 22, 2016

Villa Ramallo Missionaries
Hey guys!!

Sorry about last week's letter. I really don't know what happened to the letter and why you didn't get it! 

It's been a good week! It was my last week in Villa Ramallo!! I was really sad to leave! I was praying that I would be able to stay there! I really did enjoy my time there and grew to love the people! We had tons of pretty awesome people that I really wanted to stay and work with! It's alright though! On sunday we went over to Luis and Daniela's house to stay good bye! Well, they were waiting for us with an asado!! It was pretty awesome! The thing was that it had rained almost all week so Luis didn't have to much work, yet they found some money in order to buy us a pretty expensive meal!! It was pretty fun!! They are definitely people that I want to come back and visit! At the end of our awesome dinner, they asked me to baptize her after they get married. I was pretty excited about that! I already asked president if I could come back for the baptism and he said yes! So, I am looking forward to that!  I also said goodbye to Betty and Santos and that was a sad goodbye as well! It wasn't as sad as saying bye to Daniela and Luis but it was still pretty sad! it has been  my only area where I have wanted to stay more time. It's alright!!

I was transferred to Rosario! My new comp is...... ELDER BLUTH!!! Again - haha!!!!! ! It will be really good!!!!! I am really excited! It will be an awesome transfer!  

Thinking back on my time in Villa Ramallo I realize I learned alot! The biggest thing that I learned was the importance of a good companionship. You cannot do this work alone. It is so important To love your comp and really enjoy your time where you are. It was a really good thing to realize! I think loving those you are with and enjoying where you are will get you further in life as well! When you can learn to enjoy certain situations and get a long with certain people then it makes everything better.

Elder Magyb has been having some problems with his knee so we have been in the pension for a couple of days with his resting his knee. I hope it gets better! I enjoyed my time with him!

I am excited to be in Rosario. My p day got changed this week and I don't have a ton of time! I hope next week I will have more time!!

I love you guys!!

Elder Carter
With Elder Bluth - AGAIN!!!!!!

Chillin' with a bird on my shoulder!
Good times with Elder Magby!

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