Sunday, 28 February 2016

A Great Sunday!!

February 15, 2016

Hey guys! This week has been really good!! It's been hot but it's been really good!

Yesterday we had a ton of people at church! There were lots of investigators there, which was awesome!! It was pretty cool! I have noticed that when we have lots of our investigators at church on Sunday, then it feels like it has been a good week! On the other hand, when they don't come, it feels kind of crappy.  I think that is because If people are not coming to church, then they are not progressing and if they are not progressing, then it is not a good thing! So all in all it was pretty sweet to see so many people come to church! Its nice to see some results from a week of hard work!! It's really cool to be a part of it and feel the excitment of someone coming to church! You work all week to try and make it so people can come to church. You work through the sun, tired feet, hunger, and thirst to bring people closer to Christ by coming to church and getting baptized. The happiness I feel when people I have come to love are progressing, is a feeling that cannot be bought nor given! Its pretty cool! So, yesterday was such a great day! 

The hermanas in our district brought one of their to church as well yesterday.  Turns out this guy is from CANADA!!! Pretty crazy, huh?! Well, I guess he works here for 6 months and then lives in Toronto for 6 months! Hahaha- I don't know what he would be do doing here in the small town of Ramallo,  but it was funy! He was actually born in Victoria and has been doing this for more than 10 years. Well, he showed up hung over from the night before. I was sitting by him trying to help him out but he was falling asleep on my shoulder. He kind of smelled pretty bad! I'll give him props though, since it took to courage to come to church drunk! But hey, the church is a hosptial for the sinners so i guess it's the best place that he could have been! Prettty funny though! I felt bad for the hermanas who had to sit by him because I  was dying!  Anyways after talking with him for a couple minutes I realized that his Spanish was really not that good! He knew the bare minimum to get by! He really had trouble communicating. He could understand english 10 times better. I was pretty surprised because we have only been living here for less than 2 years and this guy has been doing this for over 10 years and some how our spanish was waaaay better than his! Then I realized that's where the gift of tongues plays a pretty big role for us! It was crazy to think about it and  I think I have given myself too much credit when it really has been the gift of tongues from Heavenly Father. Anyways, the hermanas aren't going to teach him because one of the hermanas is  latina and he wants to be taught in english so that wouldn't be very fair for the Hermana! So we are going to teach him! It will be coolant I am looking forward to him getting baptized!!!!! After church we went over and made tacos with the other elders! Man it was good! haha

Our investigators, Betty and Santos are doing awesome! Betty has been trying really hard to get her divorce with her ex husband going. She needs this before she can marry Santos. She and Santos have been living together for 33 years!!! They never even thought of getting married. ! Anyways, now they want to married because they want to get baptized!! So awesome!! So betty has been trying all month to try and find her x husband in order to go to the judge and get the request for divorce approved. She has had no luck and was starting to get down on herself!  One day she felt that she needed to go buy food at a different store than the store that she normally does her shopping at. So, she went there and found her x husband!! Today or tomorrow they are going to go talk to the judge and then Betty and Santos are going to get married!  I am pretty excited! Even though I might not be there,  I am so happy for them!

Daniela and Luis are going to get married the 26 of feb!! We are going to do the baptism at 6 and then the wedding celebration at 8!! (They will sign the papers at 12). We are pretty excited! We have had a few hiccups along the way with them but we are pretty pumped that they are going through with it all! It will be a pretty awesome day! I am excited for them!!

Anways thats all! I am doing good!

Next week is transfers!
I love you guys

Elder Carter
Betty and Santos

Getting ready to "mow the lawn"

Armed and dangerous!

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