Sunday, 28 February 2016

On the mend!

February 8, 2016

Hey guys! 

My toe feels better so we have been walking good this week! It feels alot better not having my nail digging into my toe every time I step! So thats good! 

This week we have spent a lot of time in San Nicolas! We had divisions on Tuesday and then on Thursday Elder Magby had to go to Rosario to do some paper work! So we basically spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday in San Nicolas! SO, all in all we have spent alot of time outside our area! I really like one of the Elders though! Elder Aubrey is super cool and I can't wait to hangout with him after the mission! He is the same elder who came with me for an ingrown toenail surgery. He is super awesome! I also got to stay with Elder Curtis who is a friend of Steven and Triton, which was really cool! The down fall with staying with him was that their apartment does not have air most of the pensions in the mission! Its too bad but it's whatever! Haha - so that night I was dying!!!!  They only had 1 fan that worked which made it even worse!! Hahaha! I remember waking up a couple times at night feeling like I had just gotten out of the shower because it was so hot! I had a hard time falling back alseep because I  had to lay my head on a wet puddle on my bed! Pretty gross! It probably didn't help that my stomach wasn't feeling that good! There is not a worse feeling than waking up in the middle of the night, hot, sweaty and feeling like you need to throw up! Haha - it went away after I threw up, so that was cool! I also had a little bit of the chills afterwards which was really nice since it was so hot! Other than that I really enjoyed my time with Elder Curtis! 

When we were in San Nicolas we were asked to do a service for some investigators that the other elders had! This family had barely anything. They live in a tin house. Well, they needed their grass to be cut and missionaries do this for free!!! So, we showed up and we were given 4 shovels and told to cut waist high grass. Haha, man in the heat it was pretty bad! I did not like it that much! The ground was super hard as well so it hurt your hands pretty good! It was a good opportunity to serve though!! It took us a little more than 4 hours to do it all! I had a couple blisters on my hands and so did all the other elders!! BUT afterwards we went to a members house and I had some of the best empanadas that I have ever had! It was pretty awesome! It made it all worth it!!

Yesterday after church we were invited by a family to go over and eat asado (or bbq). We accepted! The thing was that this family are not members, nor are they menos activos nor are they investigators! Haha-they had been investigators a while back but had said that they did not want much to do with the church! it was too bad but during the time  we were teaching them a little bit, we were able to develop a relationship with them which was pretty sweet! They became almost like friends! So they had invited us to go over and eat an asado! They are expensive and you usually eat in on special occasions. It's a nicer meal here! Anyways, they had invited us and we went over and ate a great asado!  They are just good people who want to do nice things! I wish they could have accepted the gospel but oh well! It was fun though! 

The other day I was reading in Alma 4 and it was pretty cool to learn from it! The people here are really sensitive to things. Its really good and kind of annoying at the same time! They are always really affected when they feel the sprit and they seem to be able to feel and notice it pretty quickly! It seems that our visits help them at ton as well! It just seems like they can recognize the spirit faster. At least faster than I can! But it is also a little annoying because when something is said that they don't like, it seems to affect them a little more than normal as well. There is a lot of gossip and stuff that goes around. When they get offened it really hurts and they often don't come to church anymore. I was reading in Alma 4 where is talks about how there was a lot of pride in the church and that the people IN the church who had lots of pride were leading those were were NOT in the church to be "inoculated!" They were being a bad example for those who were not members and in the end they were leading them to destruction. BUT it says that amongst all of that there were some who were still humble and did what they could for others. They didn't care what people were saying or doing. They were just concered about their own actions and did what they could! I think its a great example for us because lots of people are going to say and do things that they should not, but we need to choose to overcome that and be converted to JESUS. It is good stuff!

Anyways, that's been my week! My knee is feeling a little bit better, so that's awesome!

Thanks for everything! 

Love you!
Elder Carter
Post surgery!

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