Friday, 5 February 2016

Surgery - again!

February 2, 2016

Hey guys!

This week went well! Actually, to be honest, it was pretty slow!

So, I forgot to tell you that I had another ingrown toe nail this week! Hahaha-I have had so many it's not really a big deal anymore! I called Hermana Zanni and now they have found a really good place that does it fast and good! Out of the five times I have gone, this time has been the best for sure!! It had really been bothering me alot! So,I  decided to call! Anyways, she got me in that same Friday! The last time I had gone in for surgery, I went with one of my good friends out here on the mish who had to get the same surgery. Well, this same elder (Elder Aubrey) got another in grown toenail as well!! Haha-so we went together again! It was pretty fun actually! We had to travel pretty far, it took like 2 hours to get there! Once we got there, the doctor looked at us right away! He was a super good doctor! Out of the 5 ingrown toe nail surgeries, this one has been the best!!  He has been the only doctor that put enough freezing in my toe. Normally the doctor puts freezing and then starts hacking at my toe while I can still feel it. This guy put enough in so I didn't have that problem which was pretty nice!!! Haha- I didn't have to go through the pain!! Anyways, he did it really quick and then showed me the nail. It looked like it was straight and then had a massive edge that was growing into my toe!! It was kind of gross! Afterwards, we hopped over to Grido (an ice cream place) so that it could help with the pain. Even though the pain wasn't anything at all!! So, the last couple of days I have been relaxing with Elder Aubrey and it's been pretty boring! It was fun to be with him, but boring because all we did was stay in pension and I prefer working. But it was super sweet cause we are really tight so it was really fun to talk to! We ate some really good food too,so that was fun! I am excited to get back to working today!!

On Sunday I was sitting back watching the ward and I was thinking how awesome they all are! Some of them are a little weird, but I have grown to love them! When I got here in Ramallo, I didn't really like them. Well ,I mean I liked them, but I didn't love them yet. As I have been able to work with them I have learned how awesome they are! It's pretty amazing! I think I judge people too hard sometimes! But these people are super awesome and am very grateful  to serve amongst them and learn from them!

This week I was reading in Mosiah 28. At the begining of the chapter, it talks about the sons of Mosiah and how they wanted to share the gospel so bad that they hated even the thought that someone might not have the chance to live with God. I was thinking alot about that and wondering how I can obtain that attitude because I do not have it to that same degree yet. I LOVE my mission but I am still far from the sons of Mosiah. I was trying to think, how can I get there? what do I need to do to be able to have those desires?  Then I was thinking about what had happened right before they had such strong desire to preach the gospel. They had used the atonement of Jesus Christ to be forgiven of their sins. the way its suppose to be used. I am sure they applied it every day in their lives. I think that I need to strive to do that better so that I can have more desires to share the gospel. The more you use the atonement the more desires you will have to share the gospel! I have a long way to go but that was really cool for me!

This week had been good! We had 5 investigators at church yesterday! That was awesome! I am doing well! I am working hard (maybe not so much this week) and eating good! My knee is hurting me a little bit, so please pray for it! 

I love you guys!!

Elder Carter

I love you guys!
Elder Car
Baking cookies

Caroling at the Senior's Center

My great zone!!


More caroling

Getting crafty!

With Presidente and Hermana Zanni

Good times!!

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