Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Hot, sweaty, and happy!!

January 25, 2016

Hey guys!

This week went really good! It was really hot! Haha - probably half my letters are talking about how hot it here! But that's because it's really hot!!! I think it was around 42 degrees this week! Man, 42 and 100 percent humidity makes it feel really really hot! I am drinking tons of water so don't worry Bita! On the up side, I would be getting a nice tan, but the only things that are tanning are half of my neck, half of my arms and my face. Other than that its just the same! I am very grateful that we have ac in our pension or I would be dying! We moved our beds so that we are sleeping right underneath the air conditioning! It is great!! But it still gets a little hot sometimes! They cut the lights here because everyone is using ac or filling up their pool. So it gets kindof annoying when we have to make food and there is no water! But it's alright! We are surviving!!

This week there was a conference for all the missonaries in the world! There were a couple of apostles that spoke and some 70s! It went really good! I really enjoyed it!!! It would have been better if it was in english, but it's alright. They talked alot about Christ and that we should really just try to teach the people about Christ, which I really like! When you dont have something to say, talk about Christ! I thought that was really cool and I am trying to apply everything that was said! I guess the last one that they had was about 10 years ago so these world wide missionary conferences don't happen every often! It was super good! It was fun to see everyone as well!!

Then an area 70 came and visited us on Friday! That went really well also! Lots of talk about patience and the conference with the apostles! It was really cool! You can really tell that those guys have the spirit! We talked alot about how we need to have patience with the people, ourselves and with our companions! What I thought was really cool is that we must have patience through our trails and problems! Thats why Christ has a perfect pacience. He was completely patient through out his suffering and just waited. It was really cool to learn and think about this!! 

This week we have also been visiting some of our investigators, Betty and Santos. They are really awesome!!!!  They are an older couple and really don't have much.  At times they don't understand too much, but are willing and ready to listen. We found them through a member referral, after much prayer on our part. These members called us a couple of weeks ago, worried for their friends.So, we headed over and have been visiting them a ton and now they have a baptismal date! They have to get married first and she also has to get a divorce, so that will take a little while but you can tell they are ready and willing to change their lives! It's pretty incredible!!! When we first showed up, Santos didn't want to talk to us and told us to leave, but we kept persisting and finally were able to talk to him and told us who sent us (his friend)! Now they have stoped smoking, drinking, and are trying their best to read the  Book of Mormon even though they can't really read that well!They love when we visit and have even offered to feed us even though I  am certain they are just barely scraping by! What aweosme people! They love it when we call! It's pretty sweet to work with people like them!!

Anyways, this week has been good! Hot and sweaty and happy! We are slowing getting more invitations for lunch, which is great! I am still cooking a lot, but its alright!

I love you guys!
Elder Carter

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