Sunday, 24 January 2016

A wedding and a funeral

January 18, 2016

Hey guys!!!
This week went well! It went by really fast!!!
This week the new elders came but we did not have the keys to their new apartment! So, they stayed with us all week until we got all the furniture and the keys to the apartment! The mission wrote me a check for like twenty five thousand pesos which is the equivalent to about $2500! Hahaha - we were walking around with alot of bills! It felt kind of cool! Haha- we went shopping and bought all the stuff that they needed and got them settled pretty good! It's nice to have another set of missionaries here since we are in the middle of no where! They are really cool as well and it's fun to talk to them!
The big new this week is that Daniela and Luis were given a day to get married at the register! They have the date for the 26 of feb! It's pretty far in advance but it's pretty awesome that they went and did that! We have been trying to get them to do that for over a month now and they finally went and did it!! I was pretty happy!!! Its weird how long they have to wait. They are however, facing alot of challenges now which is too bad! We are encouraging them to keep pushing!! Satan always has to get his head into the good stuff- its pretty annoying!!! They are super cool! They live really far away, in the country along a dirt road. It's about 30 mins from our pension! Anyways,q we usually go at around 8:00 pm, have an hour lesson and then they feed us dinner! It's' pretty awesome! She makes really good food! But its also a little bit of a problem because we have to eat really really fast and run back to be able to get back on time! Haha! Since its so far it's tough to get back on time when that happens! Buts it's pretty awesome when you get to eat with your investigators!! They always make really yummy stuff!! They are such good people!!!
With how hot it is, the dirt road really dries up so when you walk its like there is a cloud of dirt that comes up with every step that you take! It really gets annoying because you end up getting tons of dust in your shoes and on your feet! Then it also gets on your clothes so its annoying to wash! But the people we teach make it all worth it!!

On Saturday we went to a funeral of a daughter in law of some members. It was really sad. She was young with two little kids that she left behind. There were tons of people there and all were crying! When we got there I was still in normal missionary mode, all happy, trying to talk to everyone, asking them how they were doing, and I quickly realized that it was not the place nor the time to do that! So we sat at the back and waited until people came and talked to us! Then afterwards we went to the cementary! Man it was crazy!! It's way different from back home! Back home its like a big field, but here they put the bodies on top of the ground! There are like 4 bodies by 12 and its super weird! They also bury people in the ground but it's really unorganized and they don't dig very deep! It was really sad, but also an interesting experience to see. Alot of the family were members and alot of them were not members. It was kindof neat because you could tell that the non members were a lot sadder, than those who are members. They members have the hope that they will see her again, whereas the non members don't really have that hope. They think that she is gone forever. That just makes it really really sad. I wanted to give everyone a plan of salvation pamphlet, but it wasn't really appropriet. It was a neat experience!
We have been working really hard, trying to help everyone that we can! This week there is an area 70 who is coming to the mission, which will be good! We are working hard, and my dirty clothes are really showing it!!
Love you!
Elder Carter

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