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Me and my Greenie

December 7, 2015

Hey guys! This week has been good!
On Monday I said goodbye to Elder Cox who is going to Rosario! I love that guy! I learned a ton from him and was sad to say goodbye! I enjoyed our time together and we had some pretty good laughs! Mostly me laughing though, while he was trying to talk on the phone and nobody was understanding him! Ha-ha pretty good! But he is an awesome guy and has got a huge heart! He really showed me how to love the people and give up what I wanted for them! I am looking forward to seeing him later on in the mission and afterwards!!!
On Monday and Tuesday I was hanging out with another missionary in San Nicolas who was also going to be training! That was super fun! His name is Elder Nielson and I really like him. He plays basketball and everything! We got along really well which made the time go by very fast! San Nicolas is cool, a smaller city but a lot bigger than Ramallo! It would be cool to serve inside the city! The pueblo life is kind of slow sometimes though! But its alright!!
On Wednesday morning we headed up to Rosario to the mission home to get our new companions! I already knew the name of my companion but had never met him or seen him! We had to leave super early at like 5 in the morning to get there on time! Elder Curtis was there(friend of Steven and Triton) which was sweet because we were able to talk for a while! We got there and there was a big breakfast waiting for us followed by a meeting with presidente! It went well! There were about 25 new missionaries coming in, which was A TON. Normally there is only like 10. So, the introductions are really fun! The new missionary goes up to the front of the room and introduces himself. Then the trainer is announced and everyone cheers. It is pretty fun!
My new companion is Elder Magby. He is from Texas and is a full on cowboy!  He brought his cowboy boots and massive belt buckle! He is from the city where the Texas A and M is! I cant remember the name! He is 18 years old and is the youngest of 5 kids! He is short and a little stocky and has got a lot of facial hair! He sometimes talks with a Texan accent which I find pretty interesting! He likes to run, sing and be out in the country! He lives on a farm where he has tons of cows and other animals! He is very proud of where he comes from!
After the meeting we had a big lunch and took some pictures then we headed out! We didn't get to our area until like 8:30 at night. When we got there he just un packed! I had really forgotten how big of an adjustment the mission is! It just all seems normal to me! The schedule, the culture, the food, the cars, the streets -every thing is just normal to me now! But, it actually is so different than home. My companion was full of questions! On the way here, he asked me a few times if that was our stop. But, he is a good guy! He is learning to walk fast and to keep up a good pace. I didn't realize I was a fast walker, Elder Magby even had to run a bit to keep up with me. I am really enjoying seeing Argentina through his eyes. Everything is new again!
This week I have really been thinking about how to be a better missionary. Once you obey so man rules and work as efficient as possible there is not much more you can do. Then it hit me. That you can have a missionary who is exactly obedient, but is doing it for the wrong purposes and he will not be a successful missionary. If I am out here to baptize people just to say that I baptized a certain number of people, then I am doing missionary work the wrong way. I should be working as hard as I can for the one! I want the best for each individual person that I am teaching. I have learned that a a big part of everything is our desires and what's inside along with our actions! It made me think of the parable where the young man asks Jesus what he has to do to get to get into God's kingdom. The kid says he is obeying all the commandments. Jesus tells him that he must sell everything he owns and give it to the poor! The young man does not want to give up his earthly possession and therefor will not enter God's kingdom! This scripture story has caused me to think lots about my intentions and desires.
Thank you for everything! I love you guys!
Elder Carter

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