Thursday, 3 December 2015

Better than money!!

December 1, 2015 

Hey guys!!! 

What's up?! This week has been pretty fun! It really flew by!!!

Well, the biggest news is that Elder Cox left and I will be training! My new companion's name is Elder Magby but I have not met him yet! It will be pretty fun! I really wanted a Latino companion to be able to learn spanish better, but I guess deep down I also really did want someone from North America because I  seem to connect a lot better with them! So, I am pretty excited! For today I am hanging out in San Nicolas with Elder Neilson! He is pretty cool! We get along super well so it makes things everything super fun! We are going to go to the mission home tomorrow to pick up our new comps because he is training as well! It will be fun! Its always pretty funny to watch them struggle so much with the language right when they get there! Haha-we all go through it! Its fun to be with them as they experience the culture and everything for the first time! Haha-so all in all, I am pretty excited! But I was also sad to say good bye to Elder Cox! He is a funny kid and I enjoyed our time together!! I learned a lot from him and he was an awesome example to me!

Well, we are working with that couple who needs to get married and who just brought rings but do not have enough money to throw a big party or anything! They are super awesome!! They were a miracle to find and are progressing a ton!! This Sunday they came to the church alone! I was pretty pumped!!!! Nobody does that! We would go walk with them but they live like an hour away from everything, so it's kind of hard!!! Anyways, they showed up a little late but they came all dressed up and everything! You know they are serious about the church when they put a skirt and a shirt and tie on!  I am not going to lie - some of the members don't even do that here! We often have many members attend in just the jeans and a shirt! This is just a different a culture!! But, they showed up and man, I was pretty flipping excited to see them! They stood at the door and I was very surprised!! Man, I was as happy as as if I had won 1000 bucks!! Haha - but worth more in a way!! Anyways, it made up for the super disappointing Sunday we had last week when nobody came! The members were super good with them and all said hi. Then the bishop met with them and it was sweet! I love those guys! I cannot wait go back and visit them! They have become my friends! It makes everything worth it when you find people like that! Elder Cox was sad to say goodbye to them because we found them together!!

This week our zone went to the mission house to do p-day together! It was pretty fun! We had to go sleep over at Elder Nielson's pension the night before because we have a long bus ride to get to San Nicolas and had to leave early in the morning! Haha- turns out that they didn't have any extra mattresses so we put the two that they had and laid them out horizontally and laid 4 by 4. Man,that was the worst night of my life! There was absolutely noooo roooom! Nothing!! I was dying!! Once you finally fell asleep someone moved and would wake someone up and then not be able to fall asleep again! Haha - it was not fun! Then we woke up early to go to Rosario as a zone! We took a bus and went up there together! it was pretty fun! we got there and they had planned out a bunch of games and stuff for us to do! some were fun, some were not! There will probably be pics on the mission blog,mom!! Anyways,it was fun! We ate some good food and was a good opportunity to relax a little bit!! 

To finish up the pday we watched Efraim Rescue! Man, I have seen it before but this time it really hit home! Those people are freaking awesome! I want to study about their adventures and stuff when I get home! The movie is really good at showing what these poeple went through. They went through some crazy stuff!! These people literally gave up everything they had! EVERYTHING!!! They gave up money, their belongings and they sacraficed their bodies and I am sure many of them were depressed! It really hit home for me. The times I want to complain or think something is hard, I think of them and then I feel like a little girl in comparison. They were dying. They had nothing left, which was crazy. The movie really shows that the greatest blessings that we recieve are spiritual blessings. These people weren't rewarded by money or health or wordly things but God let them see miracles which brang them closer to Him and strenghten their testimony which is a much greater blessing than anything else we can ask for. They saw tons of miracles because they sacraficed everything. That is one thing that got me. In the mission, you always want to see amazing miracles and stuff, but they don't happen until you are willing to sacrifice something. If you give up everything you have for God, you are going to see miracles and blessings !!

Anyways, this week has been good! I am working hard and having fun!

Love you
Elder Carter

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