Thursday, 3 December 2015

Rain and Blessings

November 23, 2016 

Hey guys! This week has been good! Just doing the normal missionary work!!

Man, its getting hot here! Haha - luckily we have air conditioning in our pension so it's not that bad!! Haha,but when we go outside, we just start sweating! The worst is walking back from lunch at like 1:30 in the afternoon with a super full stomach and you have to walk 30 mins back to the pension in the boiling hot sun! That kills me!! It's like 30 plus degrees everyday and with the humidity here it feels soooo hot!! Haha! The humidity is the worst part because it just never goes away! Plus,  it makes you all sticky as well!! The hot weather also means spring time and the spring alergies are getting to me! It's bad! The other day I was dying with the spring allergies!! Haha- I wanted to rip my eyes out and my nose was running like a water fountain! It seems to be a common problem with lots of other missionaries!! But luckily I called the doctor and I got some pills  and they have really been helping!! I am glad they are gone now!!  

With all the hot weather that we have been having I have been taking more showers, usually 2 a day. After working hard all day and coming back just sticky and gross it feels pretty dang good to be able to get out of the shower clean and refeshed!! I was thinking that is how the sacrament works. We go through our week making tons of mistakes and the way to cleanse them is through the sacrament! Saturday comes around and we are all dirty and gross! The sacrament gives us an opportunity to be refreshed and feel awesome! I think I need to work on improving my attitude because sometimes I don't always have that feeling..mostly, its just the "I'm hungry" feeling! haha 

On Thursday we have weekly planning where we pretty much plan everything we are going to teach all of the people we are working with. It usually goes for about 3 hours and at times gets pretty boring and dry. Anyways, we finished up right before lunch Thursday morning. We looked outside and it looking like it was going to rain pretty good. SO we quickly got our stuff ready to go for lunch. Well before we were able to get out the rain started coming down. Then rain was really coming down! It is probably one of the hardest rainfalls that I have ever seen! There was just tons of wind and the rain was just coming down!!! So we decided to wait it out for a little bit longer to see if it would pass. Since we had to walk to lunch, about a 10 min walk, we didn't want to get wet. Haha! Well, after like 10 mins of waiting it was just getting worse. The rain was coming down harder and harder!! We just decided to go for it! I put on a the rain gear I had but it wasn't worth it. I got soaked EVERYWHERE. It didn't matter that I had rain stuff on! I tried to keep my feet dry for the first 30 seconds but when we came to the street, where it was practically a river, I really had no choice but to walk through it! The wind was coming at us so hard! It was crazy!!! When we finally got to the house of the members we were just soaked! Haha - there was literally not a part of my body dry! It was all just wet! We took off what we could to eat, but i was pretty uncomfortable! The worst part was that the dye from my socks was running, forming a nice blue puddle underneath me. I hope it didn't stain the flour! But,we ate some good meat so it made up for it! We got back and dried our stuff up to just go out that same night and get it all wet again! Haha- it was a good experience! When it rains here, it rains hard!!!

I have noticed that lots of people who have chosen to be inactive feel that despite their not going to church, God continues to bless them. They mention that they continue to be good people and that the Lord has not forgotten them. I was really thinking about that the other day. Does God bless and reward people who aren't following his counsel or living His commandments? It  is true that you can choose not to read scriptures daily and still get good grades, a great job, and do awesome in life. After thinking it through, I realized that while a person may enjoy these blessings, they would still be missing out on the most important blessings- the ones that help us become closer to our Heavenly Father. These are the blessings that really matter. It's not so much about the money or the work, it's about the spiritual knowledge and experience we can get that will help us grow closer to our Father in Heaven. It was  kind of cool for me to think about this because I have always wondered why people who aren't doing good things are still living fun and happy lives? Well, in reality the biggest blessing that God can ever give us is that of eternal life. And we have to work for that, it will not just be given us. Even though right now it is not a blessing we can see or touch, it will be better than anything we can imagine!!!

This week has been good! The normal good stuff! Transfers are next week so I will be writing on Tuesday! But things are good here! I am learning how to cook a few more things and exercising more!! Haha!! Life is good!

Love you guys!!

Elder Carter



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