Thursday, 3 December 2015

Bones and Eggs

November 9, 2015

Hey guys!
This week has been pretty good! We have been working hard! We also had interviews with president this week and that was good! He is an awesome guy!!
Lately my companion and I have been going for early morning runs. We decided to do it because for one,  it helps me to actually do my exercises  instead of sitting on my chair and doing a couple of tricep dips. And TWO because we are trying to work off all the bread and oil we always eat!! haha!! But I was thinking about running this week. I ALWAYS dislike getting up in the morning and knowing that we are going to have to go running. Then while I am running I enjoy it but at the same time I don't enjoy it because it hurts. THEN after I am done the run, it feels amazing! The whole day I am able to look back and feel good because I was able to do something hard and finish! haha! I think its the same with a lot of things in life. We don't like it before we get started, we don't like it that while we are doing but once we are done we really realize how much it helped us and the things we learned from it!
Here in this little branch we usually eat with the same members every week because there aren't that many members to begin with. Anyways, sometimes they aren't able to give us lunch so we have to make lunch. And I don't know how to make anything!! haha! I am getting sick of hot dogs and hamburgers!! haha lolz!! Argentina also has a food sometimes called "milanesas" which are just like big chicken nuggets. We eat alot of those. I also know how to make raviolis. So all in all i am getting a little sick of eating that! I wish I had learned to cook a little bit more before the mission! Haha! I will need to find a wife who can cook really good because I don't want to cook anything!! haha
This week I had the opportunity to study the vision of the tree of life. I really enjoyed studying it and reading about it. I learned a ton!! I loved seeing what everything meant. I always knew the tree of life was a representation of the love that God has for us. With the seminary guide I was able to learn something really cool! Turns out that the tree of life is a direct representation of Jesus Christ and his atonement. The tree represents the love God has for us and the biggest act of love that God has shown and given us is Jesus Christ and his atonement. Learning this made sense to me! That's why the fruit is the most deisirable above all! Its because those who eat the fruit and experience the atonement in their life recieve the best and most rewarding gift that God has to give us. We are able to be clean and have eternal life. There will be some who eat the fruit and go away, there will be some who just don't want to even try the fruit, BUT those who partake and share the amazing blessings that everyone is eligible to obtain, ARE the ones who are truly happy. They are able to stand before God and tell him that they are clean. And He will tell them that they have a spot in  the mansions of God! How great would that be?For me, this information really put things into a better perspective because I had never thought of the tree of life in that way!! How cool!!
So, a couple nights ago we went and visited some less active members! Anyways the father hasn't been feeling that well. He said he had been having some problems in his bones! So he asked for a blessing. We happily said yes. Well Elder Cox, being pretty young in the mission is still learning the language! He speaks really good, but he is still learning. Anyways in spanish the word HUESOS which means bones sounds pretty similiar to the word HUEVOS which means eggs. So, I bet you can guess what happened!! Haha!!! Elder Cox gave a wonderful blessing but everytime he ment to say "huesos" he said "huevos"!!!! Haha!! Man, I was trying sooo hard not to laugh!! It was classic!! The hermano played it off cool and I told Elder Cox what he said after we left and he was like what the heck?! Then the hermano came to church and was giving him a hard time! it was prettty funny! The best part was he was saying things like, we bless you so that your "huevos" recover so that you help your family, etc... haha it was funny!!
This week we have been woking really hard to really give God all that we have! This week we saw a miracle and were able to find a woman who is very prepared for us to teach! We found her through a less active who is her husband (boyfriend, they aren't married yet). Her name is Daniela and she had talked to the missionaries a ton in Buenos Aires where she grew up. She had gone to church a ton of times! She wants to be sealed with here family for time and all eternity has a testimony of everything! The only reason she didn't get baptized was because she wasn't married! Well, we found them and they had just recently bought rings to get married! They don't have anything planned yet, but I think if they have rings they have to be pretty close to going and filling out some papers! We are super excited! On top of it all, they are super cool!! He is 23 and she is 20 and they have a little boy! They live in a little house out out in the country, but its really nice!! It was sweet! What a blessing!!
Anyways, things week have been good! I was also thinking alot about the scripture in D and C 30:2 where the Lord is telling us to not think so much about wordly things. I have a problem with that, so it's something I am working on!!
I love you guys!!
Elder Carter


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