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Loving it!

December 14, 2015

Hey guys!
Man, to start off- its getting pretty freaking hot here! The humidity is a killer too! The summer has definitely arrived here! I am constantly sweating! I am very grateful that we have a ac unit in our pension, but I am not looking forward to the bill because I know it is going to be a lot! Haha!! So the hardest part is that whenever we are not inside the pension we are most definitely sweating! When we go into other homes, often it's hotter inside their house than it is outside because the homes are  built out of bricks and cement so all the heat just chills inside! As a result, we are teaching a lot just in lawn chairs outside their house! It's kind of nice! Everyone here has a pool too! Most of them are pools that you can go and buy and set up. Even though a lot of people are struggling for money, they somehow manage to buy a nice big pool! Haha!! Granted it would be awful if they didn't have one cause it gets very hot! Haha - but i like the heat, just not after lunch and on a full stomach! The girls do dress very immodestly which is annoying! They find ways to wear very little clothing which just makes everything a little harder! Haha -and don't worry Bita, I am drinking lots of water! AGUA AGUA AGUA!! Hahaha - and, it's purified so don't worry!!
Last Sunday, we went to visit the home of a past investigator. Well, some dude, all tattooed up, with tons of piercing and super long hair answered the door! His name is Ezequiel. We asked him if his grandmother (who was an old investigator) was there. He said no, but we got talking about the gospel a little bit! Just a super nice guy who seems really interested! We ended up teaching him and giving him a Book of Mormon! That was on a Sunday, then on Tuesday we passed by again! Turns out he had finished reading 1 Nephi and understood basically all of it! Man, that never happens down here in Argentina! I find that often people don't aren't that interested in reading and can't seem to retain things very well! But he did!! It was pretty sweet! We have passed by a couple more times this week and he is progressing a ton!! We went by on Sunday to go with him to church. Turns out we woke him up but he said he would come at 11, which is the sacrament meeting here! And he showed up!! It was pretty sweet! I am super excited for him and really feel that he has been prepared for us to teach! #blessings
On Saturday night we went over to visit Daniela and Luis! Man, they are super awesome! They don't have that much money, yet they went out and bought a super nice big chicken and mashed potatoes for us! We had a super yummy dinner! This was awesome because normally here on the mission we don't really eat dinner! I am always hungry at night! Haha, but I was really grateful because I know that they were making a pretty big sacrifice to feed two hungry missionaries! It was pretty sweet! I really felt their love for the church and us through that act! They also came to church which was sweet! They feel a little overwhelmed sometimes because their 2 year old kid just runs around like crazy and screams, so they feel  bad and feel that he is ruining the meeting! We try to reassure that it's fine! We don't really care at all as long as they are there!! Haha!! They told us that they are going to get married after the holidays because they are heading to Buenos Aires for Christmas! That was super exciting for me!! I can't wait! They are just awesome people! I feel like they are just my friends! They are pretty much the same age as me which I find very cool!!
This past week, I have been reading the Isaiah chapters in 2 Nephi. Man, even with this institute guide I find  its hard to really understand what it is saying. Nephi says that those who cannot understand them are not filled with the spirit of the Lord! I guess I may not be filled with the spirit of the Lord! Haha - but seriously, the biggest problem I have is that I have been reading to get through it and God is not going to help me understand it if I really don't truly want to understand it. The prophets and apostles understand it because I am sure that they have spent days and countless hours studying and pondering and pleading with the Lord to help them understand what they mean. I want to know what they mean too, but I have not come to that point yet! Isaiah is the most quoted prophet in the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants so I am pretty sure that it's gotta be pretty important even though it seems like he is just throwing a bunch of words together. Hahaha - but I guess it comes with time and practice!
This week has been good! We are working hard and doing our best! This week we are doing some service project with the zone for Christmas!!
I love you guys!
Elder Carter

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