Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Good news!!

January 13, 2015


Hey guys!!!! Thanks for filling me in on stuff! It sounds like Spencer’s homecoming was sweet!! And just so you know, I think it would be super cool if one day you and dad just showed up in my branch on a random Sunday, like some guys did to an Elder I know serving in California J!! I got a package from Sister Dilling today. It was great!! Thank you so much!! Unfortunately, I still have not received yours.


This week has been so good!! We had a baptism which was super cool!!!! It was GREAT! Even though I have not worked with him for too long, it was awesome to see how happy he was to be baptized. It is too bad he forgot to come to church on Sunday to be confirmed. Hahaha!! But he will be there this Sunday. Speaking of Sunday,we had an inactive member travel 1.5 hours on bus to come out to church today. That is unheard of here!! I was so happy!!


I continue to stay busy meeting the members of this branch and getting to know the area better. This place is so cool (but hot)!! I really like this area lots! The members are awesome! Guess what I did on Sunday?  I made us a lunch calendar!!!! I talked to the Relief Society president and asked her if she could pass it around and now we have lunch almost every day!!!!! We are so grateful, especially since I really hate making lunch. We usually just buy it if we are not invited.  


Right now we are working a ton with in actives because that’s a big problem here!! It seems like the families here decide to go some weeks and then not the others!! Its crazyyyy to me!! In my personal study time, I have been doing some intense studying on the Sabbath day and the sacrament. As I have been reading the scriptures, I have come to realize and appreciate the importance of weekly church attendance and the sacrament has taken on a more personal meaning to me. I have come to truly understand that going to church and taking the sacrament is the most important thing we do all week!!!! Doing so gives us countless blessings in this life and in the life to come. Thinking about all this stuff has made me feel closer to Heavenly Father.


People here are funny!! There is like a total of 0 people outside between the hours of 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm. It almost feels like it should be 3:00 am, but it’s only the middle afternoon!! Ha-ha  - maybe it’s because it is super-hot and humid here!! Just the other pday I was doing some laundry at like 3:00 pm and I was sweating like I had just ran 10km!!!! It was crazy and super annoying!! I miss winter!


Well, I have good news.  I have not been bit by any spiders or scorpions this week, which is good!! I am starting to relax a little and to enjoy my time again in the bathroom, which is lovely!!! I also really enjoy studying in the mornings.  It is so awesome!! I have been very good at writing in my journal every night also! My companion and I get along great! I love him and we work really hard. He is the district leader.


Well, thanks for everything! I am going to send some pics!!! Glad you’re feeling better mom


I love you guys!



Elder Carter

First baptism!!

New Year's Eve

Our roommate, Elder Scorpion

In my new area

By the river in San Lorenzo

It is sooooo hot!!!!

Beautiful San Lorenzo

Doing the laundry by hand - good times :)

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