Thursday, 22 January 2015

One great adventure!!

January 18, 2015


Hola!!! How’s it going? Thanks for filling me in on all the new mission calls and upcoming weddings. The world is moving on without me!! Ha-ha!! Except for Target – they are done. Too bad for you that it’s closing, but it did seem quiet in there every time we went. And I am happy to hear you guys are good to the ward missionaries. When I get home, I hope to work with them lots!!


This week has been pretty good!! We have been trying to find new people to teach so we have been doing a lot of contacting and stuff! We also continue our search to find the less active members and when we find them, we try and help them. Makes for busy days!! The weather is tough right now. It is super hot for a couple of days and then it pours for days!!! And we get absolutely soaked!! There are also tons of bugs!! Sometimes I feel them crawling up my leg when I sleep – hahaha!!!!


We met this one lady who was less active and we asked her why. She really did not have a straight answer and kind of went around in circles and mentioned that she goes to another church now. I know it was bold, but I asked her if God told her that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was the only true church on the earth, would she go? She said “no.” I have a hard time understanding that!! It makes me sad and sometimes a little frustrated. There are many others here that take church attendance very casually. But there are also some really great and committed members too.


Our lunch calendar provided us with many interesting opportunities. One of them was a good and very humble brother in the ward who was kind to feed us but who surprised us a little with his manner of praying and with some interesting hygiene. Let’s just say we prayed for divine help to finish the meal and plead with Heavenly Father to really really bless the food that it would NOT do our body too much harm. Then, we ate as quickly as we could and tried not to look at what we were eating. We were thankful for his willingness to feed us, but maybe we won’t pass the calendar around for a little bit. Buying a pizza for lunch sounds super yummy some days!! I am a little jealous you guys got to eat grandma’s yummy food this week.  I really miss it!!


Yesterday I had to give a talk!! I was made aware that I was going to speak about 5 minutes before sacrament!!!!! I quickly pulled something out of a hat and prayed like crazy! I spoke on the “obra missional” (missionary work)! That’s my best Spanish vocabulary. I think it went okay! I really felt the influence and help of the Holy Spirit. I went up there with a couple of scriptures and the small amount of Spanish I know and spoke with the spirit!! And I think the congregation understood what I was saying!!! It probably helped that I repeated myself a lot, but it’s okay!! I think it went well!!


I bought a backpack this past week with the money, so thanks!! I like using it a lot better than the other bag we had bought. Hopefully it won’t get stolen!! Well, this week should be a good week!! I am looking forward to it! Hopefully we will have some baptismal dates lined up!!!!


I love you guys!!! Thanks for all the updates! Keep the coming!! And the pictures too J Good job on the blog, mom!!


Good luck with every day!! Happy Birthday, Bita! Happy Birthday, Dad!!!


I love you!  Chow!!

Elder Carter

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