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Great things this week...

January 26, 2015


Hey! How’s it going? This week has been pretty good!! We have had lunch almost every day this week, so that has been really good!! I love not having to wash my own dishes!! It’s pretty nice!! I get a free meal and then I don’t even have to clean up!! I love it!! lol!!! The members in this area are so cool! They are very good to us and are very generous to feed us. They are always happy to help us wherever they can. I am very grateful!! The food here is pretty yummy!! I really like it!! (If you had not picked up on that from previous letters).  Ha-ha!! Unfortunately, the water in our pension tastes pretty funny. So we buy juice packets. I don’t think I have had a glass of plain water, other than in a member’s house for over a month!! Ha-ha! The water tastes pretty milky and stuff! It’s pretty gross and I still can’t get used to it!! 


Today we are getting together as a zone to play some sports so that should be pretty fun! I am excited for that!! But lately my toe has been bothering me a little bit again L I am taking the antibiotics again, because I think it is infected! So hopefully it will heal pretty soon!! It only hurts when I stub it really hard against something!!


Some really great things happened this week! Do you remember that investigator that I wrote to you about, the one who took a bus an hour and a half for church? We tried to visit her!! Our area is San Lorenzo and then every other “pueblo” up to Santa Fe, which is about 2 hours away. The President had told us to focus on San Lorenzo so that’s what we have been doing. But she showed some serious interest in the church, so we decided that we needed to go find her and teach her the gospel. Her son recently got baptized in Spain and now he is telling her that she needs to investigate!! Well, on Friday we decided to go up there! There is one specific bus that goes up there, so when we saw the bus that we thought went up there, we asked the bus driver, “dos para Serodino?”  He said, “si 11 pesos,” so we paid and sat on the bus. Well 1 hour later he says “end of the line” and drops us off in some pueblo in the middle of nowhere!! After we found out where we were, we were still determined to get to Serodino so we asked around and found out where the bus passes (busses don’t stop, we have to wave them down and it slows down and we hop on.) We waited 45 minutes when we finally saw it coming and tried to wave it down! But he just stared at us and kept driving!! We were like what the heck?! So, sadly we had to take a bus back to San Lorenzo. That was our adventurous Friday morning.


We had a baptism on Saturday! G is his name! He is 9 and his dad baptized him which was pretty cool!! Everything went super well so we were really happy!!


The sisters in a branch near us also had a baptism, but their building does not have a font, so they came to ours later in the day. Well the brother that was supposed to baptize the new sister had to go to Rosario that morning and did not make it back in time. So, I was asked to do the baptism!! We ran back to the pension, I grabbed my whites, and ran back. I was pretty excited!! I got to baptize her!! It was so awesome!!! I did not know her too well but was so happy to be part of her special day!! It made for a great Saturday!!


After church on Sunday we talked with some members to see if they could drive us to Serodino where this investigator lives. C is her name! So, we piled into their small car, which only goes 70 km per hour and whose windows don’t work, and we were on our way!! We found it quickly and taught her the first lesson! She wants to get baptized and has set the date for February 28th.  I am so excited for her!! 


That’s all for this week! I love you guys!!


P.S. if you were to send another package I would like to put in some requests;

Glasses cleaner

Books from The Doctrine of Salvation series

The Miracle of Forgiveness

Only if you are going to send anything…


Thanks! Love you guys!!


Elder Carter

First time baptizing in Argentina

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