Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Life is Good!!!

February 10, 2015

This week was transfers and neither my companion nor I were transferred, which is great!! We are working hard and enjoying the blessings of success. I am so happy here!


This week has been so good!  I have been a little sick, though. It probably was from the mold I found on the bottom of a drinking glass the other day L. I worked through the sickness though, and just kept pushing through. Thankfully I had Bita’s magic potions (mineral oils) and they helped me overcome my sickness. I was glad I was able to work!


My toe has been bugging me a lot lately,  so I went to the doctor and he gave me a powerful antibiotic to take and he also gave me a shot -  right on my rear end!!! So, I have to rest for the next two days. I am hoping after that I will be fine! The hospital here is quite an experience!! It is like something out of “The Walking Dead!!” I thought a zombie was going to pop out   of the closet at any time!!! It looks like someone was playing  real live call of duty inside there. I was just glad to come out of the hospital alive without an infectious disease!!! But, after saying all that, my toe is already feeling better, so that’s good!!


Here is the best news of the week – we have 4 investigators getting baptized this month!!!!!! I am super excited for them!! One of them is the 11 year old awesome kid I told you about in last week’s letter. The other 3 are a family consisting of a mother and her twin daughters. The older son was recently baptized in Spain. He was so excited and told his mom she needed to investigate. They live out in a distant little “pueblo.” The dad died 8 months ago. My companion will baptize one sister, I will baptize the other, and a ward member will baptize the mother.  I am so excited!!!! When we first met the mom, the daughters were not interested in listening at all or having anything to do with us. But then they started reading the Book of Mormon and decided to come to church. Then they asked if they could be baptized as well!!!!!!


This week we had 61 people at church which was awesome! The first week I was here, we had 38 members in attendance. We are working hard to try and get people back and they are starting to return to church!!!!  Some of the reasons people give for not coming to church are pretty ridiculous! I have heard some pretty awful stuff and to tell you the truth, sometimes I wish I had not asked! But, the important thing is that they are starting to come back!! The next 6 weeks should be good; we are hoping to get more and more people out to the branch!!  


I figured out that if we bring the inactive members on divisions (splits) with us, it helps a ton!! They rise to the occasion, and all of a sudden, they start acting like the strongest member in the branch!! Then we give them a responsibility, and they go to church!!! For example, we have a couple in our branch where the wife is very active but the husband has not been to church in over a year and is a heavy smoker. Anyways, we asked him for help one day, We asked him if he would give us a ride to “el pueblo” to visit an investigator. Well, now he is driving 30 minutes each way to pick them up for church and he is attending church as well!!!He is awesome!  It is all so exciting!



I am loving the people in San Lorenzo more and more every day! Now that I can understand what they are saying, I find them really funny! !! The story telling is my favorite part. I have to remember to tone their stories down about 10 levels in order to get the real story. For example, if there was  a robbery in the city, the story telling of it would include 10 robberies instead of 1, with every person involved armed with heavy weapons, and with the action taking place right outside your doorstep!! It cracks me up!!!! I love them!!!


Life is good! I love my mission! I love you guys! Have fun in phoenix!!!



Elder Carter




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