Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Another Great Week!!

February 2, 2015


Hey guys!


Another great week! Last Monday we went to Rosario and played soccer and American football as a zone! It was super fun!! I really liked it! It felt great to get out and run around for a while!! It was so fun to get together!!


Right now our district is made up of 4 sisters and 2 elders (my companion and I). My companion and I thought it would be funny to play a joke on the sisters. We told them that my birthday was on Tuesday! Well, one pair of the sisters was smart enough to figure out that we were lying, but the other ones came to district meeting with some presents for me!! They had a bunch of “alfajores” and cookies!!! Hahaha! I felt so bad! But it was super funny! Ha-ha- when they found out they made me give the treats back. But we just ended up sharing them around!! Ha-ha it was pretty funny!!


We have had lunch like every day this week which has been really good! Some lunches are better than others, but the members are always super loving and generous!! 


Yesterday we had 57 people at church which was awesome! When I first arrived in the area, we had 42 people in attendance, so I think we are starting to make a difference!! We had 4 investigators at church and like 10 in actives who we are reactivating, which is pretty exciting!! We are working with a less active family which has about 30 family members!! One third of them are starting to attend church again and we need to keep working with the rest. The work is great!! I like it so much more than I anticipated. Plus, now that I can speak more Spanish, I know more about what is going on around me. That makes things more enjoyable!! The weather is starting to cool down a little bit too. I am sure glad I am not shoveling snow right now!!


We are teaching this one kid. He is 11 and his mom just died of cancer 7 months ago. He lives with his grandparents and is pretty sweet!! Anways, he is going to get baptized and every time he prays he asks God to say hi to his mother and to take care of her!! He is pretty awesome so I am pretty excited about him! His name is Lisandro! He really likes drawing! So maybe in a package you could send a small drawing book to me then I can give it to him! It would mean the world to him!! 


The work is moving along here in San Lorenzo!! My Spanish is improving little by little every day. It’s still hard to understand people all of the time! I have to pay really close attention! But it’s progressing! Sometimes I just start day dreaming when I can’t understand, but I am getting better every day!!


I love you guys!!



Elder Carter


Up close and personal with a roommate

The chapel in San Lorenzo

It is a beautiful day!

My views!

The door to our pension

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