Sunday, 30 August 2015


August 10, 2015

Hey guys! How was your week? Ours was pretty good!!

This week we had leadership council with president! It was really good! We basically talked about how we can help other missionaries meet their goals! We discussed how we, as leaders, can help other missionaries by following up on goals and not forgetting some of the tools we have learned! It was really awesome and i learned alot about how i can help the missionaries in my zone!

We also got updated on a few changes to the mission. One of them being we get 30 minutes of free time extra a day, which I am pretty excited about! And, we are even allowed to take a nap!!! The designated time is from 2- 2:30, which is the most un productive time of the day because no one will talk to us during this time. I am excited because I feel like I can never really catch up on my sleep, but now we can take naps so I am pretty excited!! Unfortunately, i have not had the chance to try it yet!! I will let you know how it goes!!

This week has been a little frustrating with our investigators. The couple we found last week, (M and C) who were really excited, have had a setback.  He is blind and also struggles with understanding things sometimes. He also struggles with depression, which affects his mood a lot. So, one minute he had the best time at church ever and he is super excited, but the next he doesn't want to go back. Well, we were over there Saturday, and he didn't want to continue with going to church which made us really sad. I still think that they can make it, but we will have to work really hard! They had the best experience at church,ever! They told us that! It's sad to see how easily people forget God and the good feelings from the spirit, when they are living their normal lives and carrying out day to day tasks.

We have to work really hard this week because we still set a goal with the Lord and President Zanni to bring 5 people into the church this month.  With few members and little inactives in our area,it has been a challenge. We have been contacting a lot but it really is not that effective. Its hard to tell as well if they are really interested or not. But I do know is that if we do the best we can,we have done our part, even if we dont get the goal. And we will do our very best!!!!

We have done a few divisions this week. It was good to work with some other missionaries and help them out! I went on one division with one missionary who has tons of potential but really isn't living up to it. I tried to tell him, but really I learned that if we don't do the best we can, we are really just hurting ourselves. 

It has been pouring lately, which makes it challenging to work. Crazy thunder and lighting! i liked the rain at home and I like sleeping in the rain, but I have come to have a strong dislike for the rain out here on the mission where we have to work in it. On the positive side, when it rains here people make a whole bunch of yummy baked goods! 

Something that I have also learned this week is the value of choosing to be happy. If we can learn to choose to be happy even when things are going bad we will be waaay more successful and happy. Especially when working with people. I have noticed when we talk to people they are alot more receptive if we have a smile and really show interest in their lives. 

Nothing else really is new with me! I am just working hard and trying my very best to help people!!

I love you guys!
Elder Carter

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