Sunday, 30 August 2015

Minor surgery

July 20, 2015 

Well,  I hope Bentleys nose is okay!! Tell him he needs to hit the ball forward-hahaha !!! Please let him know he is in my prayers!!!

While Bentley was having his hospital experience, I was having my own!  Well, it was more like a clinic than a hospital and I was thankful for that because the hospitals down here are like the call of duty hospitals that you play in. They honestly look like you are going to catch a deathly virus if you enter. But luckily I didn't have to go into one of those. On Wednesday I went with the other Elder ,who needed the surgery as well, up to Santa Fe for toe surgery. Well, it was very nice that I went up there with the Elder that is in charge of all the money because we ate some good food!! Haha, we probably spent a little more money on food than we should have but it wasn't my problem!! I was just supporting him. We bought a couple of pizzas, a bunch of snacks, pop, and some pastries! It was so yummy! It was worth going up there and getting all cut up just for the feast!! Anyways, we got there and the doctor froze my foot and then just started going crazy cutting and stuff. I looked up a couple of times and there was just blood everywhere! I wish I had taken some pictures but I couldn't!! Anyways, it turned out good! Hermana Zanni was so good to us and she was waiting for us after the surgery with some medicine and some food, just like you would, mom! She drove us home and made sure we  had everything we needed!  I'm being very well taken care of, so don't worry a bit mom!!

The reason why I had to have another surgery is becuase the one I had done in venado tuerto was poorly done. It was done by a docotor who didn't know too much. So, this time Hermana Zanni found the best doctor she knew and sent me there! And it sure felt like this guy knew a lot more! 

So, I  have been basically resting for the week cause I can't really walk on it. It has given me a good opporuntiy to study a litttle bit more which was nice! I was also able to get caught up on some sleep. But all in all, it was boring!! The members sure spoiled me, though! They just kept on stopping by with yummy food and treats! It was sooooo good!!!!!! Except, I think I am getting fat! 

Saturday, I was able to walk again, a little bit slower, but walking! It was so nice to finally get out working again!! When we were out working, we had a feeling that we should go visit one of our investigators. We were hesitant because she lives way on the opposite end of our area. To be honest, I did not really want to walk all that way with my hurting toe. But when the sprit tells you to do something, you just have to get over yourself and do it. So we walked 50 mins to the other side of our area. We didnt even know if she was going to be there (its hard to find her). Well, when we got there, she was there! It was awesome! We talked for a while and invited her to church! She even came to church on Sunday,which was sweet!!!!! I can tell you that  if we had not gone and visited her, she would not have come to church!! It was pretty cool!!

The other big news this week is that they are going to put 2 more missionaries in this area!! So, we have been working hard dividing the area and doing some stuff for them! It should be pretty exciting!! The members are pretty excited about it as well!! 

Transfers are next week, so I won't write till Tuesday!

Also, a couple weeks ago, I put my usb in the computer here that had all the pics of my mission, cause I wanted to send some. Well, I couldn't find any of them! It turned out that I had gottena  virus on my usb that deleted and hid some of the pictures! At first I was really stressed, but then i gave it to a guy in the ward who works with computers and he was able to recover all the deleted pictures and take off the virus! So, now I will be a little more careful! Unfortunately, that means I can't send home as many pictures. Sorry, I just don't want to loose them!!!

Anyways, I  love you guys!
Keep me posted on Bentley! He will be in my prayers!!!! Tell him he got hurt because he hasn't been reading the Book of Mormon enough!!

I love you guys!
Elder Carter

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