Sunday, 13 September 2015

Baptism Day!

September 9, 2015 

Hey guys!!

How's it going? This was a pretty big week!!

On Saturday, Miguel and Silvia were baptized!!!  It went super well!! There were tons of people there to support them. was the baptism of miguel and silvia!! Their friends from Concordia (an 8 hour drive away) came up to help with the baptism!! These friends from Concordia were the ones that introduced them through the church. It is how we got in the door! Haha! They met in buenos aires at a conference for kids with Down Syndrome. Both their kids have Downs Syndrome.  The members just started sharing the gospel with Miguel . Miguel agreed to listen to us and really gained a strong testimony!! So they came up and he baptized and confirmed one of them! 

We reactivated a guy named Ordóñez  and we thought it would be a great idea if he could participate in the baptism as well! So we helped him prepared to baptize Miguel, while their friend from Concordia baptized Silvia! Well Hermano Ordóñez  is a pretty nervous guy. He was suuuper nervous right before the baptism! As a matter of fact, as he was walking in the font he fell cause he was so nervous. Anyways after Miguel went under water 3 times, he was finally baptized!! Hermana Ordóñez got it right!!   I sure was praying for this guy cause man, he was super nervous. And it worked because he got the prayer right after the third time! But I think it really helped him in his eternal progression. Then on Sunday we had another recent convert give the holy ghost to Silvia! That went super well!! He was pretty nervous but I think it helped him a ton!

It was super cool to watch these men prepare to do these sacred ordinances. They really prepared!! I realized that some times becuase we have taken the sacrament so many times or seen so many baptisms we start to get dull to how meaningful these things really are. I was impressed by their example, preparing to every little last detail! It was sweet!!

When they were changing and everyone was waiting in the chapel, we were watching a video of the First Vision! It was an awesome time for me to refelct on everything. And a feeling of overwhelming peace and comfort came to me. I think I realized what affect the decision of 2 young men to serve a mission had on Miguel and Silvia. They now can live with their Heavenly Father again after this life. Throughout  all their problems and trials they will have a different family supporting them and that they will receieve so many blessing! It was an amazing feeling and I feel privileged to be part of it! What amazing people!

Miguel and Silvia said that they felt something very special when they recieved the spirit! I was super happy for them! After so much time,  they are finally part of the church!! Its almost as if they were part of my family! Haha- like a couple of aunts and uncles!! 

The big news for this week is that I got a new compaion! His name is Elder Black, he is from Colorado and he is massive!!!!! He is like 6'5 and is probably 235 pounds. Nobody is going to rob us now!! Haha- but he is pretty cool! He likes playing basketball so I think we will get along!

I am still here in Las Delicias. It was pretty sad for me to say goodbye to Elder Bluth. Three transfers together is a long time to be with the same companion, and it was pretty fun! It was definitely a rougher day and night after he left! It just doesn't feel the same! But I am super excited also because Elder Black is super cool too!! I learned so much from Elder Bluth. Its crazy how fast the time flew by!!

This week I have been studying a little bit more in the Book of Mormon! I was reading in 1Nephi 16 where Nephi breaks his bow and arrow. Then his whole family is complaining, even his father Lehi, who is the prophet at the time. Anways Nephi builds a new bow and arrow. Then what does he do? He goes to his father, who was just complaining to God and asks him where he should go to hunt! I never really realized why Nephi goes to his dad whn we has had visions from God himself.  Well, the seminary manual helped me out a little bit on this one. He asked his father because he is the prophet at the time, and he receives revelation for his family. The visions that Nephi had were for himself, not for his family. The natural man would jump right ahead and ask God himself. I have also been thinking that the fact that  Nephi had a relationship with God and the fact that his father had just sinned by complaining against God, could have made him search for power and hop over Lehi to be the prophet.  But he didnt, he realized taht we are all humans and that we make mistakes, our leaders too. And we still have to respect and support our leaders. it was pretty cool for me to see it this way! 

I hope you guys have a good week. I am sad that Elder Bluth left. It's wierd to work here with out him! 

Thanks for everything! 
I Love you guys!!
Elder Carter

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