Thursday, 24 September 2015

Always learning!

September 21, 2015

Hey guys! What's up?

This week has been good, although not a ton has happened. We are sure working hard! We are still going to the clinic for Elder Black's knees, but its alright! This should be the last week! I have started to appreciate it, as it gives me some good time to study and think about stuff!! One of the things that I have been studying is the story of the brother of Jared. I really like that story but one thing that really sticks out to me is in Ether 6 verse 6 (I think that is where it is). He is talking about  how the stones that Jesus touched with His hands, led them through so much time in the darkness. I was checking in with my good friend, the seminary manual, and I read about how today, we too have stones that are bright and lead us through times of darkness. They are the apostles and prophets. I learned how sometimes we are in darkness but if we follow the words of the prophets, both modern and old, they can be our light and we will be able to arrive in the promise land,which would be the celestial kingdom. It was really cool to see it this way!!

I have been studying tons out of the seminary manual and it's got some pretty good stuff in it!! I wish I had payed more attenion in seminary. Because  now I am learning so much stuff which is actually the same stuff I could have learned before!!! Well, at least I am learning it now!! Ha-ha!!! I am finding it pretty cool to look at all the details in the Book of Mormon because there are so many!!!

Well, the bad news is that I have another in grown toe nail!! Haha!!!  At least this time it is on the other foot! Lol!!!! ! I feel like I have seen the operation done so many times I could do it with my eyes closed! And now that we can't go to into Santa Fe (where the best doctor is) we have to find a different place here in Rosario . Luckily, it doesn't really hurt, it's just kind of there. Hahaha- it's kind of funny how many times this has happened to me!! But don't worry Bita and mom,  I am fine!! It is interesting how everyone always says that you learn stuff on your mission that will help you for the rest of your life. I am trying to figure out how this repeated experience will help me. Sure hope it doesn't mean I will keep getting in grown toenails for the rest of my life!! They are annoying!

We got a new ward mission leader this week and he is pretty awesome! He comes out and visits people with us 5 times a week! It is pretty awesome! And we can see that alot of things are changing for the good now that he is coming out and helping us so much! It is amazing what a difference it is making!! He is such a good example to me of how to magnify my calling, no matter where I am - at work, the mission, with my family, etc., but it's sweet to see this!! 

I am doing really good! It is getting hot again! We are working hard, trying to find new people to teach! I am enjoying my time here, especially with the new converts! They are super sweet!!!

Love you guys!
Elder Carter
Post surgery visit :)
Loving these "asados"!!
Look how good they feed us!!!
A little bit of sightseeing
A bit groggy after surgery :(
ICan't get enough of  these!!

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