Tuesday, 29 September 2015

My prayers are working!

Hey guys!! This week was good!!

I dont know if I already told you about a missionary serving with us in the ward by the name of Elder Curtis. Anyway, turns out he is really good friends with Triton and Steven. They met at BYU. I think Gavin and Joel know him as well.  What a small world!! I went on divisions with him this week and it was pretty fun!!

Well, it turns out that I did not go in for surgery this past week. Instead, I am scheduled to go in on Friday, which is perfect because it is General Conference weekend, so we wouldn't be out much, anyways. I am pretty excited for conference!! I was never excited before my mission, but I think I had  given it the importance that it deserves! But now I am pretty excited to hear the talks and learn about the 3 new apostles that are going to be called!! This weekend should be pretty great!!!

Things are good here in Las Delicias! I have been here for about 5 and a half months now and I know pretty much all the members and a lot of the menos activos! It's kind of nice knowing all the streets and all the members so well! Its also kind of hard sometimes because I loose a little bit of faith if we have already knocked a door, or already tried to reactivate a member! I think that's why it's pretty important that we are transferred areas every once in a while!! I have been able to see this ward change and it's pretty cool! They recently changed a couple of callings and then BAM!  things started to pick up and things started to change! We baptized and now the goal for this ward is to split into two. I don't know why because they only have 110 people going every week,  but I am working with the ward for this goal! It is amazing the difference it makes when people really put time and energy into their callings and do it to the best of their abilities! Amazing things can happen!! But it really makes me happy to see people that were once inactives blessing the sacrament, or giving a talk or just coming to church! This truly is an amazing ward!!

When I first got here, we were teaching a women named Geraldine. She was awesome! She took notes, she read, she had a baptismal date, she had come to church, gone to institute, she had a day to the baptismal interview and everything was awesome. Then she told her boyfriend. Man, her boyfriend was not happy! He doesn't want anything to do with the church and told her that if she joined they would end  things. They had been dating for 6 years, had already built a house to move into and were pretty much married, just without the title and living in different houses. So this decision was pretty tough for her and she dropped us. I had been praying that they would get in a fight or something! Anyways, this past week I had a feeling that we needed to pass by her house, even though she doesn't live in our part of the area(it would be the part of the area where the other elders work). We decided to go anyway! Oh and she is really hard to find! She is a police women and works a ton!! So we always had to teach her a weird times!! She basically is never home! ANYWAYS we went and we found her in the house!! Even better, her boyfriend and her had been fighting like crazy!! My prayers were working! So, we invited her to church and guess who came to church?! Geraldine ! I was pretty pumped! I really hope she gets baptized!! I feel like I have been a part of a cool miracle!!

The other night we were going back to the apartment(we live in like a apartment complex) so we have to go through a main door to enter. Anyways,  as I turned to go into the main door I bumped into a guy who was in the middle of kissing his girlfriend.  Ha-ha! I laughed pretty hard! #breakingupsin- good times!!

We are trying to work with the relatives of our converts! But, right now we are stuggling a little bit finding new people to teach!! But, its alright!! We eat well and the members are pretty good to us! 

I am doing well! Just trying to loose a little bit of weight! Elder Black and I are doing some pretty good workouts in the morning!

I love you guys!!

Elder Carter
Cool pic!
Having fun!
The City of Rosario
Proud Canadian!
Our apartment complex

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