Thursday, 17 September 2015


Hey guys!!

This week was good! Turns out that my comp has a problem with his knee, so every morning we have to go into downtown to do some therapy. I can't go in, so I sit outside and study. He torn his mcl and pcl and lcl and a bunch of other stuff before the mission and then hurt it while he was here so he is recovering right now. But man, taking time out from working is not that fun. I feel like I can't do a ton, but I guess thats just life! I try to talk to people on the bus ride there, but its tough cause I feel like we aren't doing much in the area. Luckily, this is the last week of therapy! Although I do really want him to have a good recovery so we can get to work in the upcoming weeks! haha knee problems!! In the meantime, I have had a good opportunity to study and reflect!!

We had a council meeting with president Zanni this week! It went really good! There was a ton of information and new thing which was really cool!! Elder Bluth was also there cause he is a zone leader in pergamino now, so that was pretty good to see him again!! 

One of the things that I liked from the leadership council was a video we watched of a talk given by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. He talked about salvation and the fact that it is not easy and the fact that missionary work isnt easy either. He talked alot about how usually missionaries have success at 9:29 at night, or when its pouring rain, or when its super hot out. It's because when we put in everything we can and have given it our all, with nothing left, that is when we will be blessed. He talks about how the road to salvation is not a cheap experience. We can't just choose to be disciples of Christ when its nice and sunny outside. When we decide to be a follower of Christ, its a lifetime commitment. Through the good times and the bad. Its the same as a missionary, we cant choose to be a good obedient, hard working missionary when everything is going awesome. We need to be giving it our all even when things are hard. When its raining, when we can't find anyone, when nothing seems to be working. Then after we keep pushing past that, we will be blessed!

I have seen that a lot on my mission. Every time I have seen success, there has been a hard time infront of it. Hard time with the area, hard time with my comp, with the members, etc,. and it's not that fun. But when we use our agency to choose to keep going and giving it our all no matter what, then we will be rewarded with success! We will be able to grow and progress the most in this life! It was so cool for me to think about all this through the week!

Another thing that I really liked about the council meeting was when we talked about is what motivates us to work? When times are hard, what makes us work? When we want to sleep or go home, what keeps us going?  For me, there were a bunch of things that crossed my mind. I thought about my family, my friends, the people I am helping, the blessings I receive, etc., friends, but when it comes down to it, what really motivates me is Jesus Christ. I know that one day I will have to stand in front of him and either feel good about my mission or not. In front of Him,  there are no valid excuses, because he felt everything. He sacrificed everything for me and I want to be able to say I gave it my all for just 2 years. He died for me, and I will give Him my best for just 2 years to try and help some of my brothers and sisters.

This week has been good for self reflection.  We are looking for new people to teach, but are slowly finding them! 

I love you ! 
Elder Carter

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