Monday, 30 May 2016

Still raining!!

April 18, 2016

Hey guys! This week has been really good! The rain still continues! I haven't had dry clothes in like 2 weeks, since it has been raining for forever! We are hearing that a lot of cities to the north are being flooded! Pretty crazy! So far nothing too serious has happened here, but the massive river parana has gotten pretty high! With all of the rain the humidity has been off the charts!!! The other day it wasn't hot at all, but I could not stop sweating. In the morning when we woke up the walls were all wet because of how humid it is! I could not believe it!! It was almost unbearable! Haha - the forecast says it will continue to rain this week! Atleast everyone is always home so we always have people to visit. My umbrella has been beat up pretty good! It is starting to get pretty cold as well! Sweater weather! 

The package you sent me got here! Thanks!! It was awesome! We made the muffins and ate a ton of goodies! I got a little bit of a stomach ache but it went away when i took some of the digezen magic potion that bita gave me! Also my teeth are going to be pretty clean with that nice new electric tooth brush mom send me! Hahaha- are you trying to send me a message? Elder Bluth also enjoyed the package as well! Thanks! I have been trying to eat a little healthier but right as I started to do that I got that package and I couldn't do it anymore! Hahaha- I couldn't resist! 

This week we had to get some flu shots. (a nurse came to the stake center to do them). While I was waiting for my turn I started talk with the family history consultant. She is an older lady who looks like she is about 80 years old! I got talking to her and she is super awesome! You can tell that she really does all that she can to fulfill her calling. She couldn't stop talking to me about the work! Then I watched as she gathered a few other missionaries together and talked to them about inviting and bringing people to do their family history work. There was nobody who was attending very regularly. You could tell that she was very desperate for people to come and do this work. She was doing all in her power to get people there and to help them out! It was pretty cool for me to see the determination in this little old lady. I was thinking about her example as she tried her best to fulfill her calling/assignment. This experience has stuck with me. I think I need to do a little better in that. Those who dedicate themselves and do everything that they can to achieve what they have set themselves out to get are successful. It was pretty cool for me!

This week I got a new companion! His name is Elder Curtis! I had mentioned him a a while back! He is one of Triton and Stevens good friend! I had gotten along really well with him! Now he is my companion! I am pretty excited! It should be great! I was sad to say goodbye to Elder Bluth again. Hahaha- I had a really fun time with him. I spent 6 months of my mission with him! We had a great time! He is off to Venado Tuerto, a little town about 2 hours from Rosario! He also really enjoyed the package you sent me! Thanks mom!

I love you guys!
Elder Carter

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