Monday, 30 May 2016

God's love

May 16, 2016

Hey guys! This week was good! Tough, but it was good!!

So, we went to a really yummy restuarant last week that had some great deals! I ate fish there and enjoyed it a ton! It has been a while since I have had fish!! It was great! Haha- plus i get along great with Elder Curtis, so it's really fun to hangout with him!! 

We have been working alot with a woman whose name is Angelina! We found her just talking with people! After talking to tons and tons and tons of people we were finally able to find her. She was super prepared to accept the gospel! She has been stuggling through some addictions and lives alone with her 6 year old son! She is trying to study and work at the same time and really needs help! We arrived! She already received an answer that the church is true and loved church when she came! She has a baptismal date for the 4th of June, which is great! I am very excited about it! God really prepared her for us! She is reading and praying and everything! It does not get much better than that!! How great!!

One thing that has become very clear to me while on the mission is that God really loves each and every one of his children. Regardless of whether they are a member or not, if they are male of female, if they are a drug dealer or and apostle, God loves all of his children. Before the mission, for some reason I had in my head that  God loved everyone but he loved those who were doing good things better. It has really hit me how much God really does love each and everyone of his children! I was reading in Ether this week. It's such an interesting book to me! There is a king who starts doing bad things and then the people he leads start doing bad things as well. After a while, they start to have a war and tons of them die. They humble themselves, repent and turn to God again. Then they have a leader who is very rightouus and the people are rightous. They do great and prosper a ton and have tons of riches of the world. Then they get swallowed up in pride again and have a a bad leader who leads everyone to wickedness. This pattern repeats itself a couple of times. I was wondering , if God knows that the people are just going to become prideful and wicked with the things they are blessed with, why doesn't he just not bless them? Why doesn't he just keep them humble and give them just what they need? I was thinking about that for a while. I realized that God really does love his children and wants the best for us! He wants to give us everything that he has. He loves seeing us happy and therefore will bless people even though he knows that they will forget him and become wicked. He still blessed them because he loved them and if they earned it, he was going to take every opportunity He could to bless them! Pretty cool! 

Elder Curtis and I are doing great! We are really trying to work with the members to try and get people to teach. Preach my Gospel says that the ideal situation is when the members take the iniciative in teaching and invite their friends to listen to us. Our job is to teach. We are trying to help the members understand this.We cannot just go put all the weight and blame on the members. After we have given it our all and done everything we as missionaries can, thats when we can ask the members to do what they are suppose to do. We cannot get mad at the members for not doing what they are suppose to do, if we are not doing it either!

Lots of learning this week! It was good!!

I love you guys!
Elder Carter

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