Monday, 30 May 2016

Even more miracles!

May 23, 2016

Hey guys!!

Sounds like life is crazy busy in Calgary with all that is going on - tournaments, grad, and vacations!! Hahaha- but don't forget to find opportunities to share the gospel!!! haha jk 

The weather here has been getting a lot colder! The humidity really kills ya! The cold gets right to your bones!! Haha - and it doesn't help being outside all the time! But the members always have some nice warm drinks waiting for us when we enter their house!  It's fall here, so there are tons of leaves on the ground, and I am excited that I don't have to rake them!!! Haha! Winter is coming quickly though!! It gets dark really early and the sun doesn't come up until really late! It's a lot harder to get out of bed on time now! 

The golden investigator that we have is progressing really well! On Sunday, she didn't get to church at 9 am so we waited a little bit and then went with a member to go look for her. We knocked on the door and found her sleeping! We woke her up and told her that we had a car ready for her to come to church! She said she would change and be right there, but then her 7 year old kid didn't want to get out of bed so she didn't come. I was pretty bummed and was praying that she would feel bad and that the spirit would testify to her that she should have gone to church! We went back in the afternoon and she sure felt bad! She apologized like 100 times and said she was feeling bummed all day becuse she missed her opportunity! It's alright, the next week she will come for sure! After we had done everything we could to help her God blessed her that she would want to come the next sunday!!

Another miracle happen this week that I thought was pretty sweet! So lately,  we have been talking a lot with the members about their role in the work. We have been trying to help them have the incentive to invite people because it is waaay more succesful! So anyways, there is this one inactive family whose home we have stopped by at least 10 times! They always are very cold and say they don't have time and show very little interest! They are sealed in the temple and have 2 kids that aren't members. So I had kind of lost hope. If they don't want us working with them, we need to respect that. Anyways, one day we got a call from a member saying that this family needed a blessing and the members had called and arranged it for us! So we were able to enter the home, they were very freindly and even came to church with the member! The member was able to do in 15 minutes what we had been trying to do for weeks!! Haha - we had gone so many times to that house! It was a pretty great miracle to see that after we had done everything we could p, God blessed us!!

The other cool thing that happened with that family is that their 11 year old daughter wanted to come to church but was insecure about coming because she knew everyone was going to be wearing skirts.The member family also have an 11 year girl. So the member's 11 year girl decided she would not wear a skirt and instead wore pants so that her friend would not feel left out! That was pretty cool!!! It really taught me how to put Mosiah 18 in action!! What a great example!!! 

It's been a good week! We working hard and eating some good food!

I love you guys!
Elder Carter

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