Monday, 30 May 2016

Daniela got baptized!!!

April 11, 2016

Hey guys!

Its been a good week! It is still raining a ton here, which sucks! Haha - but it is nice because everyone is at home. It is just too bad we arrive all wet and cold! Hahaha- I have been drinking a lot of hot chocolate or Malta, which are the comon winter time drinks here. I like them but they have toooons of sugar so I try not to drink them because I don't want to get fat -lol!!!!

The most exciting thing that happened this week was that Daniela from Villa Ramallo got baptized!! I had asked president if I could go back for the baptism and he said yes, which was sweet! On Friday we left right after lunch to be able to get there in time. The baptism started at 6 o clock. To get to Villa Ramallo from Rosario, you have to take 2 buses. The first one is to San Nicolas. Then, from San Nicolas you have to take another bus to Villa Ramallo. These buses only run every hour, so we had to be on time for that one. The buses to Villa Ramallo left at 4:20 and 5:10, taking an hour to get to villa ramallo from san nicolas. We needed to catch the bus that left at 4:20 or else we would arrive too late to the baptism and I couldn't do that because I was baptizing her. So, the other option would be to take a taxi but that would be pretty expensive. Anyways, we got on the first bus at 3:00 pm and it's about 1hr and 20 min bus ride, so we were cutting it pretty dang close. As we were pulling into San Nicolas, I was getting pretty nervous because I did not want to miss the bus going to Villa Ramallo. We arrived in San Nicolas at 4:19, and right as the bus stopped we ran off it in order to catch the other bus. Hahaha - we got there right as the bus going to Villa Ramallo was pulling out! We qucikly jumped on and were headed to villa ramallo. That was a miracle because if we had arrived about 30 seconds later we would not have made it! 

Going back to Villa Ramallo was really cool! I really miss that place, even though when I first arrived I thought that I was never going to miss it. It brought back some great memories as well! It was really awesome to see Elder Magby again along with a couple other members that I really got a long with! Daniela had asked me to baptize her, so I was pretty excited! It was awesome to see them again! They looked so good and happy! The baptism went awesome, even though the water was a little bit cold! 

It was really cool for me to be able to go back and be a part of that! I remember when we first started teaching them and all the times we went over there to eat! I remember when we arrived one time and they had decided that they weren't going to get married. They had been fighting a lot, and now Daniela could not get baptized.   I was pretty sad at that moment! But with the good help of the Spirit, we were able to work through it and they finally arrived! I just felt super good during the baptismal service! Elder Bluth and I had to leave right after to get back, but the branch was throwing a litlle wedding party for them! It looked so cool! Too bad we couldn't stay, but it's alright!!

We caught the colectivo (bus) back to San Nicolas and right when we got off the colectivo we saw the other colectivo leaving to Rosario just barely pulling out! Hahaha- we quickly ran and jumped on that one as well! God really had our backs  because we just barely made it!! It was pretty awesome! It was a pretty cool day for me!

This week Elder Aubrey, one of my friends from the mission, came and did divisiones (splits) with us! It was pretty sweet to see him and talk to him a little bit! He is such an awesome guy!

Lately,  I have been reading in the end of Alma about all the battles that were fought. It is pretty interesting how much they planned and prepared for what the lamanites would do to them. I think it is a great example to us of how we should prepare for Satan and all the things that could happen in the world. Everytime the Lamanites prepared and had faith in the Lord, they come out winning. I think that if we also apply this pattern, we will always come out happy and with something that we have learned!

That's all this week!

I love you guys!
Elder Carter

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