Monday, 30 May 2016

A golden contact!!

May 9, 2016

Hey guys! It was great to talk to you guys yesterday! Dani and Bentley look very different! I still remember Bentley as a chuncky liitle kid, and Dani as my little sister with braces and a little clumsy! Haha the tables have turned! I really miss you guys!! It will be so fun to see you guys in 3 months!!
This week went well! Not a ton of crazy stuff has happened but we have been working hard!
After talking to many, many, many people, we finally found a woman who is very prepared to learn about the gospel! It was a miracle! We try to talk to atleast 20 people a day and most of them don't really seem that receptive! Well, we talked to this woman and she seemed very excited and receptive so we tried to meet with her! After a couple of attempts,  we kind of gave up because scheduling its was kind of tough! Well, one day we were walking and we saw her and she invited us in!  She is very prepared and even came to church on Sunday! The ward is doing a great job talking to her and letting her feel very comfortable! So, that was a pretty cool miracle that we have seen! I hope she gets baptized! her name is Angelina.
We have been really trying to work with the ward and their missionary work. I have realized that there are lots who have great intentions and really want to share the gospel but they just don't know how. Maybe they kind of half share it but we are working on how we can get better at it! Lots of people talk but never invite, and until we invite they never do anything! So, we are trying to work around that! But, all is good!
I am having a great time and really enjoying my time here! I feel lots of pressure but it's good for me because it forces me to always be looking to get better!
Haha mom - you would probably kill me right now for how dirty our apartment is! We need to clean today!!!!!
I love you guys!
Elder Carter

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