Tuesday, 31 March 2015


March 30, 2015

Hey Guys!!

It’s been a great week. The first part of the week, I was in a companionship with the Zone Leaders because transfers were on Monday but I did not get my new companion until Wednesday. I really enjoyed my time with them. One of the highlights was buying some super-hot chili peppers! I ate them up, but they were the hottest things I have ever put in my mouth!!!!! I was crying for like 2 minutes and felt like my mouth was on fire for even longer than that!! It was pretty funny!!


I was really looking forward to Wednesday! We arrived at the mission president’s home nice and early for a meeting for all the trainers. Guess who was there? My trainer, Elder Stanworth!!! It was so sweet to see him and catch up!! It is his last transfer in the mission and he was training again!  He was super happy to see me there as a trainer as well!! The meeting was pretty awesome and president gave us good council and direction for what he wanted us to teach our companions.


My new companion is from Idaho and reminds me of when I came out into the field and had very little knowledge of the language. He will get it soon, I’m sure. His name is Elder Salinas and he is great!! I am surprised and humbled at how much Spanish I have learned in my short time here in Rosario. I thought I needed a Latino companion to survive, but I actually am doing well with the Spanish! I don’t even know when that happened!! It was great to meet my new companion and after lunch, we headed back to our area.



This week has been a great growing experience! While my companion learns the language, we rely a lot on my Spanish, which has pushed me to do more, try my best, and exercise more faith. We are visiting lots of people and doing really well!! We are seeing miracles every day! For example, we were praying to find new investigators and we were walking by this house and this littler girl waved us over! So, we went and talked to the family and they seem really interested!  That was an answer to our prayers!



Being a District Leader is good so far! One of my responsibilities is to call the sisters every night to see how they are doing and if I can help them in any way. I feel like there is not too much they need help with, but I am trying my very best! We are going to watch conference in the chapel this weekend which I am excited about! It should be good!


Well, thanks for everything! I haven’t received your packages yet, but hopefully soon!


I love you guys!


Elder Carter


My new greenie (Elder Salinas) on my right and my trainer (Elder Stanworth) and his greenie on my left

At Presidente and Hermana Zanni's house

Bringing Elder Salinas to our penthouse :)

So excited to meet my new companion, Elder Salinas!

Saying good-bye to Elder Johnson!

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