Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A Sweet Baptism

March 24, 2015

Hey guys! I hope you are enjoying your cruise! Send some pics and bring me home something cool!!


This week has been really good! The best news this week is that Beatriz got baptized!! It was super sweet and honestly she was a miracle baptism!! All her family joined the church about 25 years ago, but because she was living common law and smoking, she was not baptized. We found her by coincidence one evening as we were out looking for less active families. I remember that day, clearly.  We were almost done for the night and were getting ready to go home but we decided to stick it out a couple minutes longer and knock on this one last house! We followed the promptings and we were blessed!


At first, there seemed to be a lot of obstacles in the way, but then somehow, they all just changed!! She couldn’t have been more ready to stop smoking! We stopped by every day and read a little bit from the Book of Mormon each time, and gave her a blessing. She did the rest! She is so awesome!! I was so grateful to be a part her baptism and part of this miracle! She was so happy when she was baptized! I did the baptizing which was sweet! It was such a privilege to be part of the baptism! Sadly, the ward didn’t give a ton of support to her, which I was disappointed about. But we are going to work really hard and visit her with a ton of members to try and make her feel more comfortable! She is a little different, but she loves the church!! 


Elder Johnson and I set a goal this week to work hard and encourage people to attend church. We were hoping to have 80 people at church by the end of the month, as well as 5 baptisms. We prayed so hard and worked even harder. We decided to give this work all we had! On Sunday, there were 78 people at church, but 2 less active members were waiting outside! We reached our goal!! Heavenly Father blessed us for working so hard!! I was so happy!


On Friday we found out that Elder Johnson was getting transferred to Santa Fe Norte! He wasn’t really that excited about it because he really likes San Lorenzo, but he is going to be zone leader up there, which will be really good for him! He was a super good companion and I have learned tons from him!! We are super good friends and I can’t wait to see him after the mish! We also found out that this transfer I will be TRAINING!! I am super excited!!! I will be getting a brand new missionary!! And becoming district leader!! That will be fun as well!


Am I ready for all the responsibility? Probably not. Is my Spanish good enough? Probably not. Do I have enough experience? Probably not. Are there other elders way better prepared than  me? Probably. But am I willing to do my best with the talents and abilities that I have? You bet I am!!


Anyways I am a little nervous but excited too! Tomorrow  I will pick up my new comp! Very excited!!  I am hanging out with the zone leaders until then, which has been fun! 



I hope  you guys are having fun! Send lots of pics!!

I love you!

Elder Carter

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