Tuesday, 31 March 2015


March 16, 2015

Hey guys!! How’s it going? Sounds like you guys are having lots of fun with all of your vacationing!! Ha-ha are you guys really saving that much money on me?! I got your Christmas packages, but not the ones that you have sent most recently!! But thanks so much!!


We had a great week doing the normal missionary work! This week we had 66 people  at church and 2 investigators which was good!! It’s nice to see some results once in a while!!


I went on divisions Friday after we had zone meeting with the zone leaders. It was really good!! One of our investigators, Beatrice, was getting her baptismal interview. She is getting baptized this week!! . She  has stopped smoking completely, which is super awesome!!  She wants me to baptized her which is really cool! I am so excited to do that! I am looking forward to this week!! 


Recently we have been working a ton with the members and it helps a ton!! We have been working really hard and are being blessed for it! Just, the other day a member said that her mom was interested in the church. When we met with her she told us she has already read the whole Book of Mormon and has a testimony of it!! We don’t hear that too often down here, so that was a super sweet blessing that we received from working with the members!! She has a baptismal date for 11 de abril! She is eager to learn!!


We have started to use art in our lessons and it is helping our investigators lots, especially with our investigators who don’t finish school. We draw out a lot of things and we are finding the people understand what we are teaching faster and better! It’s pretty exciting!! It’s so nice when people can understand what what we teach!! So far, this new tool, is working out very well!!


Lately, I have been studying as much as I can about the life of Jesus Christ. I have read the 4 gospels and I  am reading Jesus the Christ right now. I have learned that he was the best teacher, the best man to ever walk the earth, and even he got rejected. Some of the people didn’t follow him and didn’t agree with his teachings. I found strength in this because sometimes it’s alright when we are rejected because even the greatest of them all got rejected. People always have their agency. I found this so important because as a missionary, ther, that’s my spiritual thought for the week


Transfers are next week so that will interesting! After we are done writing our letters home, we are going to Rosario to play capture the flag with the zone. Should be fun!!


Enjoy your vacation!


love you guys!

Elder Carter

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