Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A Happy Day!!

March 2, 2015


Hey guys!


Sounds like you guys had a good busy week! Happy birthday Grandpa!! Big 70!!! Dani sent me a little video clip of your birthday dinner. Looks like a happy time!! Congratulations Bentley on your awesome team’s basketball win!!!  


This week has been great!! Lisandro was baptized!! His grandparents came and supported him, which we were so happy to see!! Half the branch was there for him also. We had about 30 people in attendance – it was so exciting!! The baptism was scheduled for 5:00 pm and when we showed up at 4:00 pm, the font was only 2 feet full! We panicked and started pouring water  by the bucket into the font. Miraculously, we ended up with more than enough water by the time the baptismal service began. The service was awesome! I will send you some pictures of that day J


I had the privilege of confirming Lisandro the next day. I was pretty nervous, mostly because of my limited Spanish. I understand everything and I can usually say what I want, although I don’t say it the right way. I was worried that no one would understand me. On top of that, I have never confirmed anyone. I’m not sure I would know what to say in English, let alone Spanish!! I was not sure what I was going to say!! But I went forward with lots of prayers for help, and Heavenly Father just put the right words in my head and in my mouth. I spoke the best Spanish I could and I think people understood me!!! After he was confirmed, Lisandro bore his testimony. He is such an awesome kid!!! I am so happy I got to be a part of his conversion.


We are currently working really hard with an investigator to stop smoking so she can get baptized on March 21st! We are meeting with her daily and praying so much for her!! Cristina is doing great and she always tells me when she communicates with you through facebook. She is pretty excited for her baptism coming up and so are we!! The members in San Lorenzo are so awesome and we are working a ton with them. Life is good here! I like being a missionary! I can’t believe I have been out 6 months already. It feels like I just left! My companion and I are working hard!



I am going to send you some pictures!


I love you!


Elder Carter

Lisandro's baptism!

The whole family supporting him!

The taxi strike - taxis just stopped everywhere

Taxis burning tires in protest!

After a little sprinkle :)

This is how it rains here!!
Enjoying a most delicious buffet after conference :)

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