Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A Great Week!!

March 9, 2015


It’s been another good week!!!


Cristina and her daughters, Nazarena and Monserat all got baptized this week! I baptized Monserat and confirmed Nazarena, both which were a great privilege!!! It truly was sweet!! The baptism was on Saturday in the morning and it was pretty awesome!! We had  a unique opportunity to hook up to Skype in Spain, where the older brother/son lives (and was baptized) and he and some of his ward members watched and participated in the baptismal service!!!


It was pretty exciting to see 6 of us in white! Elder Johnson baptized Nazarena, I baptized Monserat, and a ward member baptized Cristina. Carlos (the brother in Spain) had no idea that his sisters were being baptized!! Cristina entered the font first and Carlos was very excited. But then, he got even more excited when he saw Nazarena get baptized. Everyone watching in Spain was like, “whaaat?” It was so cool!! Carlos thought that Monserat would be the one least likely to accept the gospel and he was not expecting her to be baptized. When she and I entered the font, he was beside himself and started crying!!! It was so good to be a part of this!! He bore his testimony during the service and it was so strong!! The family was all so happy and excited!!! What a great experience!!! And on Sunday I had the opportunity to confirm Nazarena which was another super coo experience for me!



On Friday night we went out to visit with less actives and visited with an a ex bishop and ex temple worker . He was very drunk. I felt very sad for him. He was crying and testifying of Joseph Smith, even when he was drunk! I felt super bad for him because he just seemed helpless and lonely!! We gave him a big hug and are eager and to work with him hopeful that he will return to church!


Right now we are working with a woman who had taken the lessons and met with the missionaries 30 yrs. ago. Her whole family got baptized but she couldn’t because she was not married to her boyfriend who she was living with at the time. We found her as we were out visiting less actives.  She has a baptism date and is super excited and believes the gospel and the church is true. The only problem is that she is having a really tough time giving up smoking. She has smoked since she was 12 and  now she is 53. My companion and I  felt that we should give her a blessing of strength. We both felt that I should give it. So, we went forth and not having too much experience with blessings, I didn’t really know what to say. I just waited until God put something in my head to say. One thing Elder Johnson has taught me on the mission is not to be scared of silence. So, I probably waited a whole minute before I was received revelation!! The whole experience was incredible. I ended up giving her a blessing straight from Heavenly Father! It’s now been 5 days since she smoked!!! Her baptismal date is set for March 21st.


“Si se puede!!!!!!” (Yes, it can be done!!!!)


I love you guys!!



 Elder Carter

 A great day!!!

With Monserat

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