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April 6, 2015


Hey guys!! What’s up??


Thank you for letting me know about Uncle Spencer’s crash. Wow – what a miracle!! Was anyone else hurt? Anyone from the oncoming traffic? It is just crazy!! And the funny thing is that I have been praying for Uncle Spencer more than I ordinarily do. I did not know why at the time, but now I know and Heavenly Father has heard our prayers. GOD IS REAL!!!! I am very glad Uncle Spencer is okay and hope he continues to recover from his bruises. What a great example Uncle Spencer is to us!! Grandpa’s letter, where he wrote down his impressions and thoughts on Uncle Spencer’s accident gave me more strength to work harder and help more people!!


It’s been a good week!!  We have been mostly focused on trying to find new investigators because right now we have been lacking a little bit! We have been sharing the” Pascua” (Easter) video put out by the church with many people. It is super good!! It has been well received because unlike Christmas, Argentinians like to talk about Christ at this time of year. It has been a good opportunity!


We have also been praying to find new people to teach and Heavenly Father is answering our prayers.  We were visiting an inactive family and guess what? They have a girl who hasn’t been baptized who is 11 yrs old! We taught her the first lesson and now she has a baptismal date! Everyone is excited!! We also found a less active member whom we have been looking for for forever!! And his wife is not a member. We taught her and she also set a baptismal date! It’s pretty sweet!! The Lord really does prepare people for us to teach and leads us to them if we work hard and are obedient!!  


Friday was a good day.  We went into Rosario for interviews with the mission president and then a zone meeting. My interview went really well. President Zanni is a super awesome guy!!! He took some time to share with me ways in which I can improve my teaching. It was really sweet!! Our zone meeting was focused on goals and how to reach them. After our meeting was done, some food was ordered for us but it turned out to be very little in quantity. We just had 2 empanadas per person. Some more food was ordered right away but by the time that was delivered, mostly everyone had left. The only ones remaining were the zone leaders, another companionship, and Elder Salinas and myself. We had a feast!!! We pigged out!!! There was a ton of empanadas and I certainly got my fair share of food!!!! It was all so good!!


Conference was great!! There were some really good talks! My favorite was the one on Sunday where Elder Brent H Nielson talked about his sister who had fallen away from the church. I liked it because as a missionary, it reminded me that even though I may not see results, I may still be making a difference. We were able to watch conference in English which was sweet! But I did sneak out and watched the speakers who spoke in Spanish with all the Spanish people because I don’t like the translating voice.  Can you send me the General Conference Ensign in English when it comes out? And maybe a usb with new church music too?


Thanks for your support!


I love you guys!

Elder Carter

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