Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Working Hard!!!

April 27, 2015

Hey guys! How’s it going!!

Everything is going well here in San Lorenzo! The weather is getting a little colder which is really nice! Now I can finally sleep with a blanket on instead of a super loud fan!! Ha-ha!! I really appreciate this weather!!  So that is nice! However, getting out of a nice warm bed is a little harder!  Just kidding – its way nicer to work!!

There is not too much new news this week. I delivered the presents mom sent for some of our new members. Lisandro loved the drawing book!! He also loves fishing so the book on learning to draw fishes was a super big hit! As a matter of fact, we went over to visit with him this week and he was  too distracted with his drawing to pay attention. Haha!! Christina and her daughters really liked the bracelets too!! We are going into Serodino in a couple of hours to have Family Home Evening with them. It should be good!!

We are working really hard! One of my goals on my mission is to work super hard finding and teaching and to prepare someone weekly for baptism, so that there are people joining the church every week!! I know it is hard but I’m eager and excited about missionary work!! Maybe I can do this, even if it is just for one transfer.  Elder Salinas and I are working hard to accomplish this goal. His Spanish is coming along great!! The members make all the difference. It is more likely that someone will be baptized when the members are involved. Sometimes that requires lots of coordination, but it’s worth it!!

We had a sweet experience this week. One night this week, we went to visit the home of a new member who has been struggling. We started sharing a message with him and he started to cry as he shared some of his challenges with the word of wisdom. We gave him a blessing of comfort and when we were done, he said that he felt prompted to really put into action the power of the atonement in his life. It was so exciting to see him want to change and feel hope and comfort!! 

I have never given a single blessing in English but I have had the sweet experience of doing it in Spanish many times. I don’t think I would know how to do it in English. Funny!!

We are very blessed to be fed by the members of our branch every week! They are so good to us. This week we did not have an appointment for Thursday so we ordered pizza and  a bunch of empanadas We had a feast!! But I think we will be tight for money the rest of this week. Oh well, we sure enjoyed it!!!

I am happy and working hard!! I am giving Heavenly Father the best I can! Next week is transfers, which means that I won’t write until Tuesday. Thanks for everything!!!

I love you!

Elder Carter

Catching a ride with some cool members of the branch

Dinner and Family Home Evening at Cristina's house

Just love these people!!!!!

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