Tuesday, 2 December 2014

And the rain came pouring down!!!!

December 1, 2014


We survived our low-money week!! We had to dip in to some personal money a little bit, but it’s all okay!! It rained on Sunday so our branch was in low attendance!! We did not have any investigators at church, again, but it’s alright, this Sunday will be the week!!! Ha-ha - but we sustained a new branch president and he is super awesome! He is super involved with us and wanting to help us, which is good! We also have some inactive families that are excited about the change.



The big news this week was that we had a big flood!! Okay, so we were sitting at a lunch appointment and it just started pouring, like super super hard!!! We were eating with the new branch president and his family. They had made a yummy pizza, but there were olives all over it (I took them off) and we were sitting there eating and trying to talk but we had to yell to each other because the rain was being so loud on the roof!! It was awful! About 5 minutes later, their whole back yard was full of water! It was even coming in through the back door!! Within another 5 minutes there was approximately 3 inches of water in their whole house!!! Luckily we got all the important stuff off the ground. Their house, like most of the houses here, is built of brick and tile so there was not much damage to the houses, which was really good. When the rain slowed down and stopped for a bit, we looked outside and the roads looked like a river! It was crazy!! The president has a car and he was going to drive us home but he couldn’t get out because the water was too high (anyone who has a car here is rich) so we decided to start venturing our way back through the puddles. Well, we got a decent way back to the pension then bammmmm it just started pouring again. We were soaked within 10 seconds!!. I put my camera under my arm pit and we started running back. When we got to the road that our pension is on, we found it was covered in waist deep water!! There was no other way to get back to the pension, so we walked for 15 minutes back to the pension in waist deep water, in the pouring rain, in our shirts and ties!! There were cars submerged on the side of the street, it was so bad!!! Luckily my camera did not get wet at all. I don’t know how that was possible! We pretty much went swimming!! Ha-ha, it was kind of fun, even though at the time I was just worried about my camera!! But we made it back okay and our pension is higher up so no water got in. What an adventure!!!!!!!!


The other elders were supposed to have a baptism but it got cancelled because of the rain. Our baptismal font is challenging because it doesn’t drain water so we spent some of Saturday night taking the water out of the font bucket by bucket which was annoying but it had to be done!!


On Sunday some of our investigators fed us “asado” which is my favorite!! Lots of meat and lots of bread. It is super super super  super yummy!! I really enjoyed it! It’s all awesome when your investigators feed you because you get food and a lesson!!!


So, I have an ingrown toe nail. Actually two and so does my companion. So today we went to the doctors and they gave us some medicine and we are coming back Friday. The doctor is probably going to have to do some kind of surgery to our toes so we might be out for a couple of days. It doesn’t hurt to walk on it, it only hurts when I stub it really hard or try to do push-ups, but it could be dangerous if the infection grows. I am fine and will be fine, you don’t have to call the mission home or anything. I wasn’t going to tell you guys but I thought maybe I should. You will find out next week how everything went!!


It was a little bit of a slower week with not a ton of lessons or anything because we couldn’t find a lot of our investigators which was too bad!! But this week will definitely be a lot better!!!We had lessons last week but a lot of our investigators don’t seem to want to come to church. We have even had a couple that said they received an answer that the church is true! I wanted to yell at them “WHY DONT YOU COME TO CHURCH THEN!!!!!!” Ha-ha but its okay, I think they will come if it doesn’t rain. I will keep you guys posted on that


I now weigh 185 so I’ve lost a little bit of weight since the last time but slowing down a lot. Life is good!! I really enjoy it here! It’s just challenging sometimes to not see anyone getting baptized yet, but I know patience and faith will get them there!


I love you guys!!!


Elder Carter


During a rain storm!

Getting ready to go for a swim (in order to get home)

The big bag of cereal used for weekly sustenance :)

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