Sunday, 30 November 2014

This week in Venado Tuerto...

                                                                                                                    November 24, 2014
Dear Family:

It is getting pretty hot here!! By the time I take off my white shirt at night, it is not white anymore. I get sweaty then the dirt gets on it and it does not stay white. We moved our beds around in the pension to the coolest part which was a good idea!

This week was good!!  It was hot, but we worked hard.  None of our investigators came to church this Sunday which was super super disappointing!! I don’t know how to get them to church. We even walked like 30 minutes before church to pick them up, but they were sleeping!! It’s pretty frustrating, but it’s okay. One of these days!

We dropped a few of our investigators this week because they weren’t progressing. It was hard but we can’t waste our time.  We have a couple new ones that seem really good! Next week, one of our investigator families is feeding us “asado” which is flipping awesome!! It’s like a barbecue, but better! This family seems pretty interested, the only problem is that they LOVE tattoos!!! They spent like 30 minutes showing us different drawings, but I think it will be okay! Anything is possible!!

We did service this week for a “menos active” (less active) family. We helped them build part of their house. They asked us to be at their house by 5:30 am but, as you probably would have guessed, we didn’t start until like 8! I could have got so much more sleep!!! Ha-ha, but its okay. We worked all morning mixing cement and stuff.  It was good!! I actually enjoyed it!! Afterwards, they fed us “churry pan” which is like sausages but better! Ha-ha, it was really good!!  We got back to the pension and we super tired! But it felt great!!

The family that is super poor, that need to take out” turno” in order to be married, fed us this week! I felt very humbled because it’s hard for them to feed their family, let alone us. But they made a really yummy meal! It was meat and empanadas. I really liked it and was grateful for their sacrifice. The only hard part was that since they don’t live in the city, the water they gave us made me want to throw up! It was so gross! Ha-ha, but it’s okay!!

Nothing super cool happened this week.  Hopefully this next week we will have more investigators at church. We are running super low on money, so this week we will probably be eating cereal all week. Hopefully lots of members feed us!! Ha-ha!!  We have like 100 pesos left which is equivalent to 10 dollars! Ha-ha, we will see how it goes!!! But, all in all, it’s been great!!

I love you guys! Thanks for everything!!


Elder Carter

We found this cool train track surrounded by trees

Looks so cool!


Building part of a house

Great food after our service project

Enjoying ice cream for lunch!!

I made this backpack myself! Good thing Bita taught me how to sew!

Nice and hot here!!

Working hard!

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