Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Loving it here!!

November 10, 2014

Hey guys!!


I love you guys! Thanks for all the letters and stuff! Thanks for everything!! All of those funny sacrament meeting clips you sent me mom were super funny!!! I look forward to Mondays to hear from you guys! All the other days’ just seem the same. Every week I look forward to receiving and writing letters! I also have to write the president every week in Spanish. I don’t need to pre-write it in Spanish anymore!!  I can just do it as I’m sitting in front of the computer. We usually get an hour and a half to write, so I usually have enough time.


 I am really enjoying it here!! I am getting used to the life style and everything! I love it here! Next week is transfers, so I won’t be writing you guys until Tuesday. So, I didn’t die if you don’t hear from me Monday, Mom. I don’t think me or my comp will get transferred!


Elder Stanworth and I are working pretty hard... Or at least I think so! No baptisms yet, but we have 9 committed for December, it’s just a matter of them attending church and following through! Okay so that guy we found at like 8:45 last Sunday, yeah he’s actually crazy so we could not teach him. He does not know what we are talking about! Ha-ha lol! But Daniel and Vanessa, the family that we found last week, are doing awesome! We left them with a Book of Mormon and told them to pray about it. So, we will call tonight to see how that went. The family that is committed to getting married and will lose the salary as a result, have been putting if off forever! They finally went this week which was super good! So good!!


This week the AP’s came down and did splits with my companion and I. I went with Elder Muniz, from Brazil! He is a super good missionary!!! Elder Muniz and I did a really good job! He’s and awesome elder!


The next day we did divisions within our district!  I went to the other Elder’s pension and was there for the night. Man, our pension was about 100 times better than theirs!! They (and me for the night I stayed) have to take bucket showers! Ha-ha, it was freezing, lol!! But it’s okay! We taught a bunch of lessons and I did a lot of teaching that day! So that was good! I can teach all the lessons and kind of say what I want now, but other than lessons, Spanish is still a little challenging!


The biggest challenge here is that nobody likes to keep commitments. They say they are going to come to church, “si, si”, but they never end up showing up. It sucks. Ha-ha, but that’s something we will have to work on! That’s the problem with investigators here. Some of the challenges with the “menos activos” (less actives) is that they are casual in their church attendance. They wear the garments and keep the commandments, but they just don’t go to church because they sleep in or are running late…


We had zone conference this week with the president which was good, from what I was able to understand!! It was good to have him talk to us! Oh, and the food here is super yummy! I still think I am losing a little bit of weight, but man I eat a lot at lunch appointments!!! They can cook some good food!! They always have the best fresh bread sitting out! So, it’s really hard not to eat that!! lol!! But yeah, when we do have lunch appointments it’s delicious!


Tonight my companion and I have to go to Rosario (the mission home) for some visa stuff for me, so we will be sleeping there tonight! It should be good! Last night it rained again, which sucked, but we found 4 new investigators in the last 10 minutes! It always happens at the end of the night!! Every time!!!


Things are really good with Elder Stanworth!! We get along super awesome!! When we went on divisions this week, I was with  another missionary and man,  was I glad to get back to Elder Stanworth!! It wasn’t that bad, but i just like Elder Stanworth a lot better! lol!!



I love you guys!!

Elder Carter



This picture was taken at the MTC. Argentina and Paraguay have 13 missions!!!

Multitasking - studying while cooking (what's with the head lamp, Elder Carter?)

Having me some yummy chunky Argentine pudding :)

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