Sunday, 23 November 2014

McDonald's, a new schedule, and a new investigator!!

                                                      November 18, 2014                                                                             


Hi guys!


No transfer for me or my companion this month!! I just found out I get to Skype with you on Christmas!!!! So that will be fun!


Mom asked for something in Spanish. Here goes:


Nosotros tienemos mucho investigatores, pero la problema es que nunca quieren asiste la iglesia! mi districto tenine 6 missionarios y 2 se va este translado. no conozco ellos muy bien perro el nuevo missionaries van a ser muy bien. ellos van a tranier. (they are being trained so I won’t speak the worst Spanish in the district anymore!! )


Translation: We have lots of investigators, but the problem is that they have not been to church yet. My district has 6 missionaries and 2 are being transferred this week. I don’t know the m very well. We are getting new missionaries to be trained. That will be great!! Then I won’t speak the worst Spanish.


Miss you guys tons too! But the time is going by surprisingly fast!! Mom asked me about some of our mission purchases. All the music stuff is very very helpful!! It’s super nice!! I like it! That was a really good purchase. The worst purchase was probably the rain boots... ha-ha! My self-confidence kicked in and there is no way I am going outside wearing those things unless there is a flood, but even then I don’t know. Ha-ha, but I thought I would use them, but I guess not!


Well I was going to write my whole email about my experience at McDonalds this week, but I decided that you would probably not like that a ton. But we went there after” tramites” in Rosario. Ha-ha, it was very yummy! It was a nice taste of home, but all in all, it is not the same as in Canada!!! 


I am still working on getting used to some things that are very different from home. Sometimes, the sanitary conditions I find myself in are not the most desirable ones! I just close my eyes and muster it out or drink up!. I have a feeling Heavenly Father is protecting me from all the crazy diseases I should be getting!! Ha-ha, so watch out when I come home I probably won’t want to clean anything because I won’t even notice it anymore!! Haha!!


Okay, this week we received a schedule change!! We now wake up at 7 and are in bed at 11! It’s pretty awesome!! Cause everyone is out way late in the summers!! Ha-ha I sure like sleeping in until 7 though!!!


This Sunday we only had one investigator at church and we went and picked her up. But it is frustrating cause we have 10 with baptism dates but we need them to come to church first!! They all say that they just sleep in and forget or something. It’s awful here!! Church starts on time but nobody shows up till later anyway!! 


We are teaching one guy, Gabriel is his name, and he lives in a room about 8 ft. long and 6 ft. wide. It is just barely big enough to fit a bed and a chair. So when we teach him me and my companion sit on the bed and he sits on the chair! But he is super excited so it’s awesome!! He is supposed to get baptized on Dec 6!!


C and V,  the people that are giving up the salary are kind of putting off going to get married. I am not sure why, but it is tough. I think they really are worried about their money. But they want to get baptized it is just hard for them!!


Daniel and Vanessa are doing okay. Vanessa’s mom is an evangelic and she saw us one day at their house and talked to Vanessa so she was not present at our last lesson. But he works on Sundays, which sucks, but it’s all good!! 


Those are some of the investigators I have shared with you before.  Some of the people we are talking to are “if-y” so I don’t want to write about them just yet! But we should have lots of baptisms this transfer!!


Love all you guys!!!!



 Elder Carter


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