Thursday, 18 December 2014

They came to church!!!

December 18, 2014

Hey guys!! How’s it going?


The big news for the week is that the MISSION IS BEING SPLIT INTO TWO IN JULY!!!! There will be and Argentina Rosario mission and an Argentina Santa Fe mission! There will be a new mission president, new mission home, new everything! So, what will happen is that if you are in the area of the new mission when the new mission president arrives, then that’s your new mission. If you are in President Zanni’s zone you will be in his mission. (His part is Rosario and lower). So that will be very interesting!! I wonder where I will end up!! Exciting, huh!! 


This week was good! We are eating and ordering lots of food cause pretty much here it is as cheap to order the food as it is to buy it and cook it. So we save ourselves the time and energy of making the food and just buy, it so that is very nice!! Ha-ha and plus the food it usually better if we buy it!! 


This week we had 3 investigators at church!!! Pretty awesome!!! I was super glad they came!! Hopefully, they will come this Sunday too!!! Recently, President Zanni has changed our missionary focus to reactivation. He is not so concerned about how many lessons we teach the less active or how many investigators we have. He wants us to help increase church attendance. In in our area, we have 280 families that are members, but we only have 28 families that are going to church every week! So, we have been working a lot this past week finding those people and trying to get them to church and teaching the members of their families who aren’t members!! It’s exciting to have lots of work to do!!


Yesterday we had a service project with the president and his family, which was really good! We went to an old folk’s home and painted rooms. When we first we went in we talked to the residents and man that was hard for me!!!! Sometimes I can’t understand the elderly talking in English, let alone in the small amount of Spanish I know!! So, I just nodded my head and said “si” and “que bueno!” but it was all good! Then we went to the church and ate pizza. The president talked for a while and then we played some fun games like ultimate Frisbee it was so much fun!!


We did division (went on splits) with the assistants to the president which this week! It went really well!! It was good to see and learn from others. I enjoy that. My Spanish still in not that great but I understand more than I can speak. Sometimes that is frustrating  because I know what they are saying but I don’t know how to respond!! Ha-ha, but i can usually figure out some way to say something.  I am learning slowly!!


I love you guys!!!


Can’t wait to hear from you on Wednesday and Skype on Thursday!!!!!


Love you,

Elder Carter


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