Thursday, 11 December 2014

Toe Surgery

                                                                                               December 8, 2014

I got your package and envelopes this week!! I also got Bita’s!! I have not opened the package from home but I opened Bita’s and it was very nice!! She sent a bunch of snacks and it is all very yummy!!! I have been opening one card a day and they are super awesome!!!! Thanks everyone!! I can’t wait to talk to you guys on Christmas!!! We will skype from a member’s house, probably around lunch time, Argentina time, but I’m still not sure. Hopefully I can give you more information next week.

 The first half of the week was good!!  We are working hard. We taught quite a few lessons. I forgot to mention last week that during the big downpour we discovered that one of our investigators was not 100% stable. We had a suspicion before the day of the big rainstorm, but that day, we confirmed it pretty fast! She was outside screaming at cars as they passed by and then later we saw her bathing in the water. We decided to stop teaching her because we think she will go straight to heaven anyways!!

Our new branch president is awesome!!! He goes out with us often and is really involved! I think that is where we will skype from on Christmas. There is another family in our branch that also is super involved in missionary work. These members make such a difference!! I am really excited about this week! I think it will be better, especially since we will be able to work again!!

Elder Stanworth and I got surgery on our toes on Friday. The mission paid for everything. We went and saw the doctor a couple times this week and we had it operated on Friday. We had a few meetings with him and we took some antibiotics for a few days. We got the more expensive medical treatment which I think means that it was better quality. I went into the office and the doctor and nurses just started poking needles into my feet. As soon as they were frozen they started snipping and cutting and digging. It was pretty bloody, but they wrapped it up and I was on my way!  I had two in grown toenails, one on each foot. My companion had one so he got his operated too. We then spent the whole weekend in the pension which kind of sucked!!!! I was so bored!!! I like the scriptures, but man, I wanted to go out and teach!!!! Ha-ha - but yesterday one of the members was able to drive us to church and today we can walk. So everything is good again!! Sadly we didn’t teach a ton of lessons this week cause we were stuck in the pension, but it’s okay. We will this week!!

We didn’t have anyone at church this Sunday which was disappointing, but it’s alright. It rained too on Sunday which might have been another reason why no one made it. This week I am pretty sure will be a lot better!!! My Spanish is coming along. I can understand more but still not a ton. I can usually pull out what I want to say, but sometimes people are not too patient with me. All in all, I’m progressing!

Sorry, no time for pictures this week but next week I will send some. I have some gross pictures of our toes!! Ha-ha  - but thanks for everything!! Hopefully the recent cards you guys sent me will come soon! I will write  to you next Tuesday! (President it coming down to do some service with us on Monday so Tuesday will be our p-day)

Thank you for the prayers and everything!!

I love you guys!

Elder Carter

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